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 Hey all my Tumblr series can be located HERE I hope you all enjoy the pre-post drafts I looked at Dad smiling and said, 'Go dad you can put it in the gardening shed in the back yard. The thing is huge and I am trying to decide what to do with it right now." Dad jumped up and ran out the door with our laughs following him. 5**************************************************************************** Beth- Main Tom- Ex husband Mom- Grace Dad-

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You can view all the TikTok story posts HERE This page is to work on the newest post! Father smiled, "Good, then let's finish our business here and head to the mercantile. I feel like your kitchen will be better prepared than ours at home." ***************************************************************************** After we finished our business at the bank and headed to the mercantile. As we walked in the owner's wife Mrs. Carson headed over to us. She shook my father's hand and turned to me, smiled, and said, "Lannie welcome in, and congratulations on your nuptials." "Thank you, Mrs. Carson." I said, "I am here to outfit my new kitchen. Father says the home he gifted to us has a fireplace with an oven as well as a wood-burning stove. I will need everything to start my kitchen as well as linens and food staples." My father said, "Mrs, Carson, Lannie and he husband will be moving to the north on the broken coast.  I would like


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Updated 3/5/2023 Ghost Stories For The Chicken At Heart...Extended Version

  The Ghost On The Stairs Although I am a Florida girl through and through, my parents and siblings are not.  When I was little my parents decided they wanted to try to move back to New Jersey and live there permanently.  Their excuse was they wanted to be closer to family.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family, and believe me when I say we had a lot of family living in the same town and it was awesome being near them.  However,  I know my parents lied about why we were moving and I recently found out the real reason why.  We lived in a few different towns for a few years and finally settled in Highlands, New Jersey after my sister was born.  This was our last stop before we finally moved back to Florida. When we arrived in town we moved into a small apartment building that was right on the main road.  There was five apartments in this complex, one upstairs, three on the main floor and one in the basement.  From the moment we moved into the apartment, I always felt there was someth