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ABC - A book for Malakai

 A is for Amazing.

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Friday, May 17, 2024

The Count Down

We were watching TV while eating breakfast when there was a an alert from the emergency broadcast system. The message read, Our fellow Americans the world will change as you know it in seventy two hours. The timer has started. This is not the end of the world just a change in the way the world works. Then a seventy two hour timer started on the screen.

72 hours left

Looking at my husband, I said, "I am so glad we are ready for what is coming our way. We should lock the gates to the estate and put the no trespassing signs up."

He looked at me and said, "Me to I just wish people would have prepared like we told them to. Hell even my own family thought we were crazy. Wanna take a walk with me I think we need to get everything secured."

"Sure," I said looking out the window. "They could have waited till the spring to do this you know its getting cold outside and people are going to panic."

He handed me my jacket and said, "We need to lock the gate to the river as well. The dock and inlet are good but I do not want people to be able to get onto the property."

We headed outside to lock down our property and I can hear you now asking Gracie you know something. What is going on? You are not wrong exactly. I knew of a few plans that were going to happen and since their first one didn't work they were moving onto the next. See my Grandpa worked in the government and when he got sick My fiancĂ©e Matt and I moved to his cabin in the woods to take care of him. When we moved in he told me he was giving me the home as a wedding gift. He had already cleared all the rooms but his. He told us that he had two stipulations. One we got married right away and two we start to prepare for the brave new world the worlds governments were going to start. 

We sat around the fire as he told us what the government planned. First the world put us at a standstill when they released covid. The powers waited with baited breath to see if that would slow the population growth and help the worlds climate as well as their hold on their people. When their forced quarantine did not increase the peoples dependency on the government as much as they liked covid magically started to go away. What people did not know what that some of the vaccine's were laced with a timer so people who were terminal or had mental or medical issues would start to fade away. The vaccine was pushed through and the government did not realize there was ways to stop the timer. Most people who were given the timer actually stopped their own deaths by eating certain foods or smoking marijuana, drinking and doing drugs. That and the government did not count on so many people not wanting to get the vaccine. 

This whole time Grandpa had me preparing for the next phase. He had us become preppers and every week he had us spend three hundred dollars and add to our food stock and emergency supplies in our hidden basement. At the end of the timer the worlds powers were going to release EMP's world wide. For the last few years we have been canning freezing and getting our food stores up. Our basement is also EMP proof as Grandpa had designed it that way so we have solar power converters and ways to power all our freezers for when the time came. When he had his cabin built into a mountain surrounded by lime rock and the walls, floor, ceiling and doors are all lines with EMP resistant material. Our hidden basement even passed the gaze of government officials when they came for Grandpa's funeral and thought we only had a small stocked pantry in the kitchen.

When Grandpa passed away we made sure that we still went grocery shopping every week and bought the staples like flour, sugar, butter, powdered milk and assorted canned goods and meats. Not including candles and mini propane cannisters. Since the basement was the size of the house we made sure to add shelves and had everything organized. Now its full to the brim and my greenhouse produces a lot of what we need. We also started raising animals and have chicken, cows, horses, rabbits and sheep. We also designed the dock that we can fish from it without having to open the gates to the river that goes past our home.

We walked over to the gates and placed no trespassing signs on the gate. As we shut the gate as Mr. Newcomb our neighbor who was fishing on his boat waved and said, "You kids be safe now. My Geraldine and I are battening down the hatches as well. I just have a hankering for fish for dinner."

Matt asked, "Do you need any help with anything?"

"No son I am good," He said. "I am guessing the kids will be running from the city in the next day or so. Thankfully when we prepared we took them into account. You kids prepared?"

Matt nodded and said, "We listened to Grandpa when he told us to."

"Good," He said. "So did we and when they asked me if I wanted a pace maker I said no. Geraldine is happy as a clam now with me eating more healthy."

We all shared a laugh and I said, "If you need us you have a key to the door between our property's okay?"

He called back, "The same goes to you."

We watched him continue on fishing when Matt's phone rang. He answered it as we walked up to the front of the property. I heard him say, "Scott I have been telling you and Penny to start getting ready for something big that is happening we are securing the property now. You and Penny will not make it here in seventy one hours. Everyone is trying to escape the city. Do not get in your car is that clear. If you do you will not make it here."

Matt looked pained as he said, "We are locking down the property now Scott. Everyone in our area is so we can stay safe. If you want I can send you some money for supplies." 

I put my hand on his shoulder and he took it as he said, "Scott they grounded all planes as of noon tomorrow. They are only allowing people to fly back to their home state. I love you brother but there is no way to get you here. I am sending you money now to get supplies."

He stopped walking and said, "Scott you will not get to us in time. You need to stay out and get supplies. Can't you just listen to me we are not your plan B and you will not be staying with us. Gracie and I told you something was coming and we are not going to let you live off of us."

71 hours left

Turning to me he said, "He hung up on me, Scott kept saying they were on their way to us as we live in the mountains and will be safe. They live a week away and he will not make it."

Pulling Matt into my arms I said, "We tried to warn them Matt. Four years worth of trying to convince them. Scott is stubborn that's for sure."

Matt's phone rang again and he answered, "Scott I am serious do not head this way. No Scott we are not opening our home to friends of yours. We are not allowing anyone here go get supplies you will need them. The house is secure and we are going to shoot first and ask questions later."

Taking the phone I said, "Scott it is Gracie listen very carefully there is going to no travel in 24 hours. The authorities will make you stay wherever you are. Our home is not a hotel and no one is coming in is that clear. Oh Maggie will be here in an hour? She listened? Well at least she was smart. Get to the store Scott and bunker down. Good luck."

We got to the gate and found Maggie pulling up. She hopped out of her RV and hugged us. She said, "Gracie I listened to your Grandpa and have been stocking up the RV for years. Every storage bin is full of supplies as well as every space in the RV. Matt, Mike will help you with the farm we just want to be safe with Chloe. We are winterized and will be living in the RV. We even added a wood stove to the RV. I just want my family safe the cities are falling into chaos."

Looking at Maggie I said, "Did you get the panels and converter?"

"Yes," she said. "It is in a EMP safe box till the 72 hours are over. I can help with the gardening as well or farm chores we are not asking for a hand out."

Nodding at Matt he said, "Ok I will direct Mike on where to park. What is with the trailer?"

She laughed and said, "Like I said I listened to Grandpa. I ran out of room in the RV so I added a trailer. Once we get the sliders out I will be bringing in more supplies and looking for wood for the stove. I am sure you have branches down we can cut up."

As Matt directed Mike where to park she asked me, "So I take it they are putting us back to the olden days?"

"Yes they are," I said. "We are guessing they are going to drop EMPs before the 72 hours is over. Our electronics are stored in EMP safe room inside EMP storage bags. We have 1 TV and our phones out for now. They will be added to a bag later this morning and will only use them sparingly."

Maggie nodded and said, "Same."

Once the guys parked the RV Maggie said, "Well she will make a good home. Probably won't run in 72 hours. But Cloe is safe and that's all that matters."

"You should know Scott was trying to convince Matt to let him, Penny and a group of friends come stay here," I said. "It is not going to happen we told him not to come."

She sighed and said, "Yeah I figured he would try that. He called me after the timer started and asked if I could buy him plane tickets for a few people. I told him no. He got mad at me and started to scream and cuss. I told him Matt has been telling him for the last few years to prepare for something big and him and Penny went vacationing all over the world. When I told him good luck and I love him he hung up on me."

70 hours left

Mike and Matt came out of the RV with Cloe. Taking Cloe from Mike, Maggie said, "What can we do to help?"

Matt said, "You ladies can start on the barn chores if you want. Mike and I are going to walk the walls and get some of the bigger limbs that are coming down cut so you have wood for when shit hits the fan. We do not want little miss getting cold at night."

Walking to the barn Cloe started to clap when she saw our horse Samson. Samson walked over to the gate and Cloe reached out to pet him. Loving the attention I scratched his ears and said, "Come on big guy Cloe isn't going anywhere and you all need your breakfast."

Matt came in with a portable baby play yard and some toys setting it up so Maggie could help me. She said, "I am glad Cloe is off formula now. Do you drink the milk that you get from the cows?"

Looking at her as I milked Betty White our main milk cow I said, "We sure do and it is more gentle on our stomachs than processed milk. But if Cloe can't handle it I am sure we have powdered milk as well."

"I do have powdered milk," Maggie said. "If you have some raw milk we can give her a small cup and see what she likes."

"Do you have a cup?" I asked. 

"I can get one why?" She asked.

"After I get the cream off of the milk, the milk is ready  to go," I said. "I will pour a bit in a cup for her to try. I will watch her if you want to get cup and see if our girl can handle it."

Maggie ran and got a cup and after I strained off the cream I poured a bit of milk and said, "Chloe do you want some milk?"

She took the cup and took a sip. She sat down and drank the cup down saying, "Hmm more."

Maggie said, "Well little bit a little more than you have to rest your tummy."

I showed Maggie how to check the chickens and gather the eggs. I handed her half the eggs and said, "Put those on your counter for you I will bring the rest in the house. I was going to get some dinner started on the wood stove just incase shit hits the fan early. You guys want to eat with us tonight?"

Matt and Mike walked in and Matt said, "What are we having?"

"I am going to make a pot of vegetable and barely soup on the wood stove," I said. "I am going to make biscuits to go with it and serve some of the pickled eggs and vegetables to go with it."

Maggie looked towards the orchard and asked, "You have apples left on the trees?"

"Sure do," I said. 

"Lets swing by there," She said. "I will put together a apple cobbler for desert."

Mike said, "You have Cloe babe I am going to help Matt with chopping wood. By the way guys do not be surprised if Scott tries calling you he has called Matt four times. Matt said he will not allow Scotts friends here and since Scott did not prepare, he is on his own."

The guys walked away and Maggie lifted Chloe up. Grabbing a basket we went to the orchard and I said, "We picked up a bunch of apples from the ground and sorted them yesterday. But if you find more grab them. I think Matt and I will have to lay tarps down to start catching them. Last year I made jars and jars of apple sauce and pie filling. Last week I went around to so many stores and bought out all the mason jars I could find. Chloe will have more than enough apple sauce."

When we got to the orchard Maggie showed Chloe how to pick up apples and put them in the basket. We picked a bunch of apples for the apple crumble. When we told Chloe it was time to go in she gave us a fuss until I said, "Chloe do you want to help Aunt Gracie get vegetables to make soup?"

She walked over and put up her arms. Picking her up I said, "Okay love lets get a new basket and we can make soup."

69 hours left

We grabbed a new basket and went into the house. When we opened the door to the greenhouse Cloe sat down and I handed her a small pot of dirt and a spoon. I told her to help me plant a plant and gave her a onion bulb. She looked happy and slowly dug through the dirt. We harvested herbs, carrots, tomatoes, celery, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, peas and green beans. We went into the house and as I prepared the soup Maggie put Chloe down for a nap before starting to sort and prepare the apples for a large apple cobbler.

Maggie asked, "What happens if Scott shows up?"

"If he somehow gets here he will not be allowed in," I said. "We have been telling him for years now to prepare and he is not going to use us because he wanted to play instead of prepare. His friends will not be allowed in at all."

Maggie looked out the window and said, "Cops just pulled in."

"Lets wait and see what they tell Matt and Mike," I said.

We continued to cook and thirty minutes later Matt came in visibly upset. He came over and hugged me. Then he hugged Maggie and said, "Thank you for preparing like we told you/"

"Matt what happened," I asked. 

"Since we were not answering calls unless we knew them, the airline sent officers to see if Scott, Penny and their six friends were invited to move here," He said. "The FAA is restricting air travel and when I told the police no they were told to stay in Florida and not to come. I made it clear that his friends and him were not welcome here."

The officer's called it in and while on the line asked again, "Are you sure?"

When I said, "I am positive I can show you the text messages. The officer said thank you and before they left Scott called me. Scott said Penny and him will be coming with their friends. I told him the house is on lockdown and they will not be welcome here.  We will use force to keep them out. I had him on speaker phone and he said there was eight of them and four of us they will take over the property. The officer told him on speaker that people have the right to defend their property and can shoot to kill. Scott said we will see about that and ended the call. There is a APB out for Scott and Penny nationally due to him threatening us."

Matts phone rang again and he picked up saying, "Hey Steve man what's going on?"

We watched him talk to his business partner and good friend. He looked at me and I nodded. We listened as he said, "Hey man its to dangerous where you are. Load up your RV with all your supplies and get Shannon and the boys here. Bring everything this is what I have been warning you about for years. If Shelly is driving the truck make sure she has a loaded gun on her. Call me when you get to the gate."

Turning to us he said, "Steve watched as his neighbors across the street who are loud and glorified preppers were thrown out of their home by their kids. What their kids did not know was that all the supplies are in the RV which the parents took and drove to their property where they have their stock pile. Steve is afraid of what will happen if people find out they had their supplies. Kyle has Steve's SUV loaded down and he will be here with Shannon who has her SUV loaded down. The RV is packed with the rest of the emergency supplies."

Looking at Maggie I said, "I guess we need to make a few salads to go with the soup and bread."

Chloe woke up and said, "Dirt time?"

Maggie laughed and said, "Yes dirt time."

I looked at Matt and said, "I know Steve's RV is huge I would have him park it near the front wall. That way we can also have a look out point. We have the water hose there and there is piping for the sewer as well."

Matt nodded and he asked, "Are you sure about letting people in?"

"Matt we would only let people in who are prepared," I said. "Your brother has always been someone who takes more than he ever gave. Remember when him and penny got married? He wanted us to host everyone here and pay for the wedding since we had gotten married here."

Maggie looked up and said, "He wanted me to give penny my wedding dress. When I said no that is for Cloe he went off. It was Mom's dress and one day I want to pass it down to her."

"Well there is nothing we can do now," I said. Turning to Matt I asked, "Was the boys bringing their partners?"

"Kyle is bringing Sam," He said. "Sam is a prepper who just started but his car is loaded with supplies. Mark is bringing Tabby. She has been shopping for weeks now because as Steve said her oh crap meter is going off. She had a pull behind travel trailer and will be following Steve. From what Steve said it is full up with supplies and so is her truck."

Maggie sighed and said, "Well if Scott shows up at least it will be a fair fight."

68 hours left

Maggie and I went back to the garden to start making salads to go with dinner. By the time we were done we had made loaded potato salad, italian pasta salad and a antipasta salad. Maggie looked at cloe who was having trouble keeping her eyes open and said, "I am gonna take her to the RV and get her a good nap in before dinner. That and it will give me a chance to organize the RV a bit for living."

I waved and walked out to the orchard and picked up more of the apples on the ground. Bringing the third basket to the porch I heard honking at our gate and saw Steve and his family pull in. When I walked up Shannon pulled me into a hug as she shook saying, "Gracie its horrible out there people are going crazy."

I held her as she cried and saw Mark holding onto Tabby and comforting her. He looked up and said, "People are already trying to get other peoples supplies. Before the turn off to your house we saw a few cars with bodies. Police were everywhere but its chaos."

Looking at Matt I said, "Get settled and I will tell you all the truth about what is going on."

Shannon said, "It's bad isn't it."

"Yes," I said. "It is. If you all need me I am going to the orchard. I am picking all the apples that dropped and I am laying tarps down so we can lift and drop into a basket. Matt before you and Mike go to chop more wood. Can you please get the milk fridge into the protected box."

Mike said, "Come on man. I will help, Cloe is bragging Aunt Gracie gave her good milk."

Steve asked, "What can we do to help?"

I sighed and said, "Get your camp set up. Being near the wall we can climb up and keep an eye out. Once your set up we will meet on the porch and I will explain what is going on."

67 hours to go

An hour later Matt came up and said, "Everything is done for now and ready. Ready to tell them?"

Nodding I said, "Yeah they deserve to know."

Sitting on the rail of the porch I looked at everyone and said, "You all remember my Grandpa. You can thank him silently for saving our lives as he was dying."

Matt held my hand as I continued, "Covid 19 was created world wide to do population control. The worlds population is over eight billion people. Internationally we are running out of food and pollution is slowing killing people off. When Covid was released internationally it was meant to take out part of the world population. The governments did not realize that quarantining and the human spirit would counteract that. Then when the vaccine was released it was a death sentence with a timer.  Again the government did not do their research and most people who were given the timer actually stopped their own deaths by eating certain foods or smoking marijuana, drinking and doing drugs. That and the government did not count on so many people not wanting to get the vaccine. Now they are on the next phase of their plan and that is to put the world into a stand still by releasing EMPs to stop the worlds electrical grid. They are doing it now due to winter approaching and the prediction for a bad one so more people will die off. Their goal is to bring the world to under 3 billion people or less and there will be no government assistance. That is why we have been telling people to prepare for a long time."

Shannon looked up and said, "My Mom."

Matt looked at Steve and asked, "Where is she?"

"Thirty minute drive from here," He said.

I looked at Matt and said, "Before it gets dark go. Take my truck and bring guns."

Steve, Matt, Mike and Shannon loaded up in my truck. Maggie and I shut the gate behind them. Sam and Kyle walked up saying, "Grace why don't we help you with the barn chores and orchard till they get back. Tabby is on the RV now on look out duty with binoculars. Up there she can see for a long distance. Mark is making himself useful and already grabbed a wheel barrel and is going along the front wall gathering twigs and broken branches for all our fires. While he is at it he is also bagging up leaves to keep the ground clear. If someone wants to play dirty they could launch fire to the ground cover and we would all be in trouble and you have ten acres of firewood. We will help him as well after we get chores done in the barn and the orchard."

"Well lets start in the orchard," I said. "I was laying tarps under the apple trees to catch the apples so we can make applesauce and pie filling. Also keep a jar for food scraps as we feed that to the animals."

We made ourselves busy and waited for everyone to return.

66 hours to go- Waiting

65 hours to go. Waiting

64 hours to go.

When I was going to call Matt to find out what was going on we heard Tabby call out, "They are back."

We opened the gate and the truck pulled in with a pull behind camper attached. When they got back Matt hugged me and said, "It was chaos."

Shannon got out of the truck with her Mom and an elderly man. I walked over to them and said, "Your safe now."

Shannon's Mom took my hands and said, "We may not be out of the woods yet."

Looking at her I asked, "Why not?"

Shannon put her arms around her Mom and the old man. "Gracie this is Henry, Mom's special friend. The problem is they both have a pace makers and when the EMP's go off they could be affected. Henry had the travel camper full of emergency food and they have supplies but they will do no good for them if their pace makers go kaput."

Henry held Shannon's mom hands as he put his head to hers and said, "Well Cas we had a good run."

"Woah," I said. "Good run my ass we didn't recue you two to have you take a walk on the wild side. But I am sorry to say you two will be living like hermits in a cave for the next few days. Do not worry we will make sure you both have food and a bathroom come with me. Well grab some stuff to keep you occupied for the next few days."

Grabbing their bags we went into the house I opened the trap door to our hidden prep basement. Shannon looked at me and said, "I wondered where you stored everything."

Laughing I said, "This is their best option. All our EMP fragile items are in here until later. Its lined with EMP proof material and its built into the limestone hill. But also we have a spare room down there I am going to use as extra storage for all the items we harvest. The greenhouse is thriving and that covered counter that lines the entire wall in the TV is mason jars and buckets. This room has a bed in it with a table and a bathroom." 

We helped Henry and Cassandra down the stairs. I said, "We will bring you meal trays three times a day and there are plenty of snacks as well. I would suggest you both get comfortable and I have a bunch of books and games I can bring you."

Henry asked, "Do you have any puzzles?"

"I sure do," I said. "Give me about an hour and I can bring you all down a big basket of things to do."

Cassandra looked around and said, "Well I am thankful. Once we are safe to come out of our cave we can help with the little one while you all do things around the farm. Plus henry here loves animals and gardening so you will have to chase him from the barn and greenhouse."

"I saw you also have a river behind the house," He said. "I can catch all of us fish to eat as well. Do not worry Gracie we will be of use here and will pull our weight."

Shaking my head I said, "You can live your best life. Let us make sure first you survive the next few days. We have to shut the main door and the outer door to this area to keep you protected but in a few days you will be back in the fresh air and ready to party with the rest of us."

We went upstairs and I grabbed a laundry basket loading it with puzzles and games for Henry and Cas. Shannon went out to the RV and brought in some more puzzles and art items for her Mom. She said, "I went into Henrys camper and he was not kidding that him and Mom have supplies. The boys are out there cleaning up the property. Tabby has a book and has taken first shift on guard duty."

Taking a food tray out I placed a small pot of the soup and bowls of the salads we made on it. Then I placed some bread and the leftover pie I made the night before with butter and crackers. Shannon grabbed the basket and I grabbed the tray and we brought it down to them. Henry whistled when we came in and he said, "Look at this Cas, its better than the trip we took a few months ago and we can eat early like we like to. Gracie you are a blessing in disguise."

"When we go up we are securing both doors," I said. "When we get up in the morning I will bring you breakfast. Is there anything you do not like?"

Cas took my hand and said, "We are not picky eaters. I see you have a small fridge down here so we will be fine."

63 hours to go

We went upstairs and secured all the doors to keep Cas and Henry safe. I decided since there was so many of us we would do a buffet style meal. Tabby came in and said, "Do you have a bowl and plate safe for outside? Mark is on guard duty now and we were going to bring him his food to eat as he watched for anything out of sorts."

Going to the cabinet I took out a hot thermos for the soup and a larger container for everything else. Maggie dished up some apple crumble and placed it in a small Tupperware bowl. She said, "We may want to move a RV to the river so we can watch for people trying to get in from there as well."

Matt walked in and said, "No need for that. I got my old hunting stand out of the barn and we are going to set it up in the morning. Also while waking the property we saw a lot of the winter berries are starting to bloom. That and it was a good idea getting the tarps down because the apples are falling."

Handing the food to Tabby I said, "Can you let everyone know dinner is done and we will be eating in a few minutes."

She smiled and said, "Sure will this looks and smells so good."

Leaving we placed the bowls on the counter along with plates for the salads. When everyone came inside we said a prayer for all those who did not prepare and started to eat. Shannon took a bit of the soup and said, "This is so good. But now that we are sitting here how are we going to handle meals and such."

"Well," I said. "We can eat what we have first and everything harvested or fished can be split among each other. Also I love big meals like this so us ladies an plan to do pot lucks as well. Unless you all have other suggestions."

Steven laughed and said, "Team work. I was thinking once the EMP's go off people are going to be frantic. We have a limited about of perishables. If your okay with it I was thinking and have the room. Maybe we can store the supplies in your hidden room to make sure if anyone gets in they would not get a lot. Then we can use Maggie's trailer to store more wood."

Everyone agreed that would be a good idea and I said, "So then we can keep snacks in the houses and all the food in the main house then. All of us can work together to create big meals every day. Shannon do you want to run down and talk to Cas and Henry about it and see what they think?"

Shannon ran downstairs and came up a few minutes later and said, "Henry and Mom are on board as that gives them room in their camper to move around. He said, Take it all but leave him a few cookies and chips."

We laughed and ate. I put on the TV and we watched the news reports about the Chaos.































































The Brave New World

Gracie/ Matt Mains

Samson, horse Betty White-cow

Scott/penny Matt's brother

Maggie Scott's baby sister Mike cloe

Steve/Shannon Mark(Tabby) Kyle(Sam) 

Henry and Cassandra (sahnnons mom)

The Caves

 From the day I got my first job at the age of fourteen I would go to school and work. Most people say I am a workaholic. That was the furthest from the truth. My parents died shortly after my fourteenth birthday and I my Aunt May came to live with me. My Aunt told me everything in the house was mine and she set up a checking account that had my inheritance in it. She said, "Abigail I am only here to make sure you do not kill yourself while I go to college. Its the least I can do for my brother. Your parents did not have much but the house is paid off and the money they left will cover the utilities and bills till your eighteen. We will also get you social security so you will have money. I just ask for a place to live and go to college."

We made the agreement and once a week I would go with her to buy food for us both. Having the freedom no one else did was great and Aunt May and I became close. When I went to get a job at fourteen she told me not to burn myself out. She helped me get social security and I got my first job helping my neighbor who lived next door cleaning her house and helping her as she was older. As the years passed May and I would do our school work together and I had my Mom's old truck to have freedom. 

Over the years things in the home were frozen in time and a few weeks before the summer before my senior year I decided that I would start to get rid of things as I turned eighteen a few weeks after I graduated and wanted to sell the house once Aunt May and I graduated. Going through my parents office I discovered that they owned land in the country and there was a small cabin on the property. I contacted the lawyer who had handled my parents estate and he said that home was mine as well.

As I was busy with end of the year things my junior year I did not go to the cabin and land until the last day of school. Aunt May and I drove out to the cabin. The property was a very nice size and had two bedrooms. I offered to Aunt May to move out here once I sold the house next year. She told me she would think about it. I told Aunt May I think I would come out here and clean later this week and anything I decide to keep would be moved out here during the next year. 

The following week after I was finished working I went to the cabin with a basket of cleaning supplies and the extra vacuum we had since I had turned on the electric and water I made sure all the appliances worked. I started in the attic cleaning and worked my way down to the basement. With the exception of a few pieces of furniture the house was empty. When I got to the basement I realized that my parents turned this into a game room as there was a pool table downstairs. That is so like my Dad he had to play pool at least twice a week. 

As I cleaned I noticed the rug was bunched up next to the bookcase under the stairs. Trying to move the bookcase it slid to the side revealing a passage behind it. Taking out my phone I put on the flashlight and discovered there was a light switch on the wall. Flipping the switch the passage lit up and I started down the passage. Following the passage I found stairs that went into a cave. The cave was lit up and there was a pool of water. My parents had to have known about the caves and I would search everything in the house to see if I can find any paperwork on it.

Going upstairs I made sure the rug was fixed and I shut the shelf back in place. Making sure everything was off I locked up the house and headed home. When I got home I found Aunt May laying on the couch. I touched her foot and asked, "Hey you alright?"

She took my hand and said, "I have the worst headache."

"Do you want some Tylenol?" I asked.

"Yes," She said. "It is probably stress from getting ready for my last year of school."

Getting the Tylenol from the kitchen I grabbed her a bottle of water. When I got to Aunt May she sat up and asked, "How did cleaning the cabin go?"

"Good," I said. "Its ready for whatever I decide to bring over. The only thing I did not clean was the wood stove. I need to do some research but there is a special cleaner. I need to find someone to come out and cut the trees back and stack the wood in the wood bins."

She looked at me and said, "I will ask around. Once the trees are cut back and the grass is cut the cabin will look so much better. You should also see the river from the kitchen once the maintenance is done."

"If you know anyone wanting to earn some extra money let me know," I said. "Since the property has that huge white fence around it even along the river parts there is a fence."

She took out her phone and posted a message on Facebook about it. She said, "I put on there its piece work and the more that is done the more that you get paid. Lets see what type of response we get. You know I was thinking this house from the attic to the basement is full to the brim. I never realized how much your parents were hoarders. The sale of items would probably pay for the landscaping at the cabin."

She rubbed her temple and I said, "Aunt May I am worried about you. How about this I order us some Chinese for dinner and you go take a long bath and relax."

She stood up and said, "You know what kid that sounds good."

"Use the tub in Mom and Dads room its the best one," I said. "Plus it has the jets."

She laughed and went upstairs. When I heard the bathroom door close I started to walk around the house and see where I wanted to start cleaning out. Since the basement was huge in the cabin and only had the pool table in it I thought that I could turn part of it into an art room. I loved art and sold a lot of my pieces to a local gallery for commission. Since I could not decide I went up to kitchen and made a map of the new house to see if that would help me in my decision. After making the map I decided the best room to start with would be Mom and Dads room to start their closets. Grabbing a laundry baskets for what I was going to keep and a box to sell the rest I opened up Mom's closet and started to sort until the doorbell rang with our food delivery.

Placing everything on the breakfast room table I went to tell Aunt May and saw her coming down the stairs. I said, "You look a lot better."

"I feel better," She said. "What is going on with your Mom's closet?"

"I decided to start going through everything," I said. "Mrs. Gardney has a friend who has a store and accepts items for consignment or purchases outright so I called the store and explained the situation they are going to accept things as I clean out the house to sell."

"So more to give away than keep?" She asked.

I opened the bag of food and started to put everything on the table as I said, "There is two boxes the one on the bed are definitely not's as mom was a bit shorter than me. There is a box in the closet for me to think about."

She sighed and said, "Abigail take your time on it. You are in no rush and you have plenty of money for the bills and paying people to do the landscaping at the cabin."

Getting us plates I said, "I will. Aunt May it has to be done and I do not want to do other rooms yet. Unless we use the tub that is one room neither of us go into. It is not easy and I will admit it may be hard but I know I can do it. If I get upset I will walk to the art room and work on whatever piece I have going. Besides I know that does pay well."

"Speaking of art room what are you planning on doing with it once you move to the cabin?" She asked.

Laughing I said, "The basement is huge and only holds a pool table. So I am thinking of getting some good cabinets and a real artist table and setting it up as a studio in a potion of the room. When I am sorting the house I am boxing up things I may use for recycled crafts. I have plenty of boxes and I may get some totes for storage as well."

"So if I see piles of stuff leave it right," She said.

"Exactly," I said. "At least the new house will be organized."

Looking around we both started laughing. We knew that the house was cluttered from my parents but we actively avoided it. After we ate Aunt May and I cleaned up dinner and put the leftover's in the fridge. She said, "Well I have to get on and get the last of my classes chosen for this semester."

"I am going to go work in Mom's closet more," I said. "The boxes may look full but I have not made a dent yet. She has that closet stuffed."

Going upstairs I worked in the closet for for a while. After a few hours I decided to stop for the night and get ready for bed as I had work in the morning. Climbing into bed I fell asleep watching TV. 


Abigail- Main
Aunt May- Secondary

Basement, attic, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, Entry way, Front closet, Dining room, Kitchen, breakfast nook, office, library, downstairs hall closet, tv room, living room. downstairs hallway. Stair well 1, landing, stair well 2, master bedroom, moms closet, dads closet, master bath, baster bath closet, my room, my closet, my bathroom, guest room 1, guest room 1 closet,  guest room 2, guest room two closet, guest bathroom, top floor hallways, linen closet, top floor hall closet, art room, aunt mays room, aunt mays closet, aunt mays bathroom.

Magic Rising

Looking at my home burn tears slid down my face. Standing at the back of the ship I heard the screams on the monsters who were killing the people still trying to escape. The Captain put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Grace join the others there is nothing you can do."

Turning towards him I heard a roar from the Island. Turning back my hand shot up and a shield formed around the boat. Yelling I said, "Who are they?"

Lowering his head he said, "Magic hunters. They seek out any magic and siphon it for evil."

Using one hand to hold the shield I used the other to send water balls to intercept the fire that was being sent our way. When we finally were out of range my best friend Max caught me as I passed out. As the darkness took me he said, "I have you Grace."

As the darkness over took me I thought back to what led up to us having to escape.

Grace- Main

Max- Best Friend

The Keep

I have lived hundreds of years. Did I sell my soul? No. Am I an all powerful creature who is immortal? Not in the slightest. My name is Moon and this is my story.

In the year 1249 I lived on a island with my parents who were farmers. The center of the island there was a keep that held a royal army. Our farm was situated above the keep on the side of a small mountain that overlooked the keep and the waters beyond. When I was a child I would visit the keep with my parents to sell our harvest and the guards were the kindest men ever. They would give me treats and trinkets. They did that for most of the children and younger adults on the island even though they were there to guard the main land from pirates and invaders. 

One evening we had sat down to dinner outside our modest cabin and I said to my father, "Dad do you see the light in the water?"

My father looked towards the sea and jumped up saying, "Moon hurry to the Keep. Tell the guards there are ships in the distance."

Both of parents hugged me and said, "Hurry."

I asked, "Are you not coming?"

My Mother put a cloak around me and said, "We will be behind you shortly."

Running as fast as I could I cut through the woods swiftly and scared the men training outside the keep below our mountain. When I came out of the woods the commander caught me and said, "Moon what is wrong does your parents need help?"

Catching my breathe I choaked out, "Commander Amari there is ships on the horizon. They are running with no lanterns but we saw the light reflect off of them from the top of the mountain."

He gripped my shoulders and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes," I said. "I saw it with my own eyes and pointed it out to Papa."

He lifted me up and yelled, "Sound the alarms. Open the gates so the people can come to safety."

Running with me in his arms to the keep he handed me off to the Admirals Wife and said, "Gather the families incase we need to evacuate."

Turning to the entrance I said, "I need to get my parents."

She grabbed my hand and said, "Moon your parents will hear the bells and will be here soon enough. Let's gather the children in case we have to leave."

Main- Moon
Commander Amari

The Watcher's

We are the most secret organization in the world. We watch over families of historic or biblical lines and we have been around since the time of Christ. My reason for existing is to protect this family and everyone who is related to it. When I came into existence I watched over them and have seen their joy, happiness, heartache and pain. They cannot see me but I am always there.

The family I watch over is the Helensons. This family was granted favor by the watchers and we helped them escape Pompeii before the volcano erupted. The first in this family was Ester and she was granted favor for the kindness she showed and her faith in doing what was right. A week before the eruption she had received a message her aunt was ill and she took her entire household to care for her. Doing so saved twenty three lives. Well twenty four if you count her soon to be husband who was a guard who snuck out the night before the eruption to follow after her to declare his love and ask for her hand.


1. Ester

Monday, April 22, 2024

The House

When I turned eighteen years old just over a week ago I inherited a house. Not just any house but the most haunted house in town. I had not expected this. Why? Because I inherited this house from a complete stranger along with the house filled topped to bottom full of boxes and belongings. When the lawyer came to my parents house they hung around like buzzards waiting to descend on a kill. The lawyer finally said, "I hope you realize that Abbie is the only person allowed in the home. It was written in the will that you can not get your hands on any of the items and your not allowed in the home at all."

Mom got mad and said, "What do you mean we cannot move into the house. What hers is rightfully ours."

The lawyer gave a smile and said, "There is a letter to Abbie that I am supposed to read with her parents in the room. May I?"

My Dad said, "It won't change anything."

"Dear Abbie," The lawyer started. "I know your wondering why I am giving you a home full of belongs and a cash inheritance. Since I babysat you when you were young I noticed you were not like your family. Well sweet girl its because for years I have watched your parents take everything from you and give it to your older sibling's. You have had everything taken from you. This house, property, money and belongings come with one condition. Your parents get none of it. Your now eighteen and you deserve to start your life off right. My lawyer here has the keys to my 2010 Mercedes which barely fits in the garage. oh and dear that is the only garage door that opens and the money to give to you once you move in. There a brand new cot bed in the kitchen to make due with till you work on the house. Part of the kitchen and part of the bathroom next to it are readied for your use. There is sixty five rooms in the house, the attached garage, pool house, greenhouse, attic and basement are ready for you. I arranged a yard service for the first year as well as paid all the bills for the first year for you. Think of this as a way for you to sell things and learn history which I know you love. Take care of the home and Mr. Reed will help you get everything set up tomorrow. All my love Mrs. Jenson."

My Dad was fuming and screamed, "We get nothing."

"No," Mr. Reed said. 

"Abbie you get out of our house now," Mom screeched. "Pack your shit and go."

"Mr. Reed," I asked. "Can i move in now?"

"Yes," He said. "If you get your belongings packed I will take you to the store to get some groceries and we will get you there this afternoon."

I went up to my closet of a room and packed the few belongings I owned. Walking downstairs with my backpack, purse and two suitcases I met Mr. Reed by the front door. My parents looked at me and said, "Good riddance."

When we walked out my mom slammed the door behind me. Mr. Reed took my suitcases and said, "I am sorry Abbie. From what Mrs. Jenson said they are not good people."

"Before you showed up my parents told me that I needed to get a job and give them my paycheck," I said. "Now what?"

He laughed and said, "My wife cleaned the stove, fridge and bathroom for you today. I would suggest getting some groceries until you get settled and by then you will have the money to do whatever shopping you want to do. Do you have a drivers license?"

"Yes I do," I said. "Mom and Dad hate driving so I had to get mine to chauffer them around."

"Well," He said. "Do you plan with the house?"

"Yes," I said, "I may turn it into a bed and breakfast. But all those rooms and no way to openly sell the items I find."

He laughed and said, "I have a friend who buys things in bulk and I have their card. But your young what about Facebook marketplace?"

"I guess once I get the money I will have to get a phone,' I said. "I could also get a laptop to does the house have internet?"

"Yes," He said handing me a envelope. "The whole home is maintained on the outside. Your going to have a lot of work ahead of you. But this is my card and you can call me for any advise. I promised Mrs. Jenson I would watch over you. Ahh Publix. This is your start up money. In the late morning tomorrow I will come by and help you go over everything so your aware of what you have home, money and house wise. But first let's get you some food."

Walking into the store I realized I can buy things I like. Mr. Reed followed me around the store as I grabbed things I wanted. When I had went through the store and went through check out we headed to the house. 

The sun was shinning on the house and I said, "I can't believe I used to be scared of this house."

Laughing he said, "You know Mrs. Jenson started those rumors to keep people away. Now prepare yourself when I said packed I mean we can get you to the bathroom and the kitchen and that is it."

We walked into the house and in the kitchen against the table was a camping bed with fresh sheets, pillows as a flower comforter. The only other small walkway was a bathroom. Looking into the bathroom I saw there was a beautiful window. Coming back to Mr. Reed I said, "I can redo the rooms right?"

"You sure can," He said. "It's your house. The only rule is your family cannot live here. Well Abbie I have a lot to do today. You can use the car I made sure it had gas, a tune up and oil change. What are your plans today."

"I am going to go put the food away," I said. "Set up my luggage and maybe drive my car to the Verizon store and get a phone."

He smiled, handed me the keys for the house and car saying, "That sounds like a plan. You will do fine Abbie. Mrs. Jenson was so sure about you taking the house and I believe she made the right choice."

When he left I locked the door behind him and went to the kitchen and put away the groceries. I started to chuckle as he never realized that these groceries I got today was what my parents would feed me in three months time. Sitting on my bed I counted the money in the envelope and realized I had close to five thousand dollars in it. I tucked a thousand in my wallet and took the remaining money and placed it under my pillows. 

Lifting my purse I grabbed the keys and went to the garage. Thanking god I was very thin I unlocked and climbed into the car. I would have to make some room so I could get in and out of the car easier. Looking the the center console I saw an envelope that said registration and insurance. Mrs. Jenson did not skip anything. Heading to the Verizon store I passed a Lowes and decided on the way home I would stop and get some totes for anything I decided to keep for the house and maybe a few drawer totes for my clothes. Pulling up the Verizon store I walked in and the sales woman Violet came over and I explained my situation. 

"Well Abbie," She said. "I would suggest getting a phone with a bit more memory. You can do a prepaid plan where you can add time monthly or you can have a bill sent to you. But given your circumstances I would suggest pay as you go so your not locked into a contract. Also remember to get a case for your phone as well."

After an hour she set me up with a phone. Before I left I got a car charger and mount so I could be hands free. I went to the car and set everything up before heading to Lowes. When I got there I found two drawer totes and I bought five regular totes to start with. When I was heading home I decided I was starving and stopped in the Chick Fila drive through to get myself dinner. After this I would not spend much more unless it was for the house. Getting home the fun began to set as I unpacked my clothes and sat at a corner of the table that was free to eat. I sent Mr. Reed a text with my phone number and saved his. A while later I received a text from his wife telling me if I needed anything to call her. Setting up the garbage can I had got along with the totes I sat down to eat as I signed up for a YouTube account so I could watch videos that night. When I had my account set up I decided to look at TikTok. I saw so many videos and came across videos of people who clean out houses and decided why not create a account to post videos of what I am unpacking.

Going into the bathroom I ran the water to see if it was hot and it was. Taking a shower I decided to get ready for bed and relax. The bed Mrs. Reed made for me was comfortable and smelled so good I would have to ask her what laundry detergent she used so I can get some when I go to do my laundry. As I dozed off I learned the sounds of the house. When I was to tired to sleep I shut the phone off and placed it on the counter behind me plugging it in. I woke up around three in the morning with the feeling someone was watching me. I know I locked the front door and told myself its just new house nerves. After using the bathroom I went back to sleep until my alarm went off at seven in the morning.

When I woke up the following morning I went into the bathroom and washed my face getting ready for the day. Going into the kitchen I made my bed and cleaned up the room grabbing a garbage bag to hold my dirty laundry in. Sliding that under the bed I made breakfast. I was not a big breakfast eater but I knew I would be working on the house a lot so I made myself a sausage, and cheese bagel. As I ate I got a text message from Mr. Reed saying that him and his wife would be there at eleven thirty.

Washing my plate I put it in the drying rack and went outside. I decided to make my first video for TikTok. I opened the video and said, "Hey all My name is Abbie and guess what I inherited a house. I gave a tour of the property. Then I paused the video to turn the camera I said, "This house is packed to the brim so follow me and see what we are going to do with it. Do not believe me lets look inside."

After I gave a small tour and showed all the boxes. I ended with, "Follow me for all the treasures we are about to uncover."

I posted the video and looked at all the boxes. I closed my eyes and spun. As I finished spinning I placed my hand on the first box I was going to sort. Pulling the box from the pile I dragged it into the kitchen. Opening the box I saw that there was a bunch of kitchen items in it. Vintage dishes and accessories were stuffed in the box. I got excited as I found a bunch of vintage books at the bottom of the box. I took a tote and labeled it kitchen.

Looking at the card Mr. Reed gave me I gave a call to the shop that buys item. The owner Grace answered and we talked for a while. She said she buys lots but will also put things on sale for me for a percentage of the sales. She is a good friend of Mr. Reeds wife and was told about the situation. When I explained that I have a lot she laughed and told me that she has plenty of room to sell for me or buy the lots. She told me to come by with items this afternoon and we can look over what I found. 

I grabbed another box opening it was a bunch of men's clothes. Sorting the box I found T-shirts and suits. Remembering something I saw on TV once was to check the pockets because you never know. After I placed the clothes I decided to keep in the laundry bag I put the rest of the clothes in the same box. The next box was more clothes. I pulled my car out of the garage and loaded the full boxes into them for Grace to look over. If Grace did not want any of the items I would then sell them on the market place. I was about to start another box when there was a knock at the door. Looking out the peep hole I saw my brother Matt outside. Sighing I said, "Once moment."

Opening the door I stepped outside. Looking at him I said, "What's up Matt."

"So Mom and Dad said you decided to fuck the family over," He said.

"How so?" I asked.

"You got all this and we get nothing," He said.

"Oh you mean how I never had a birthday with the family," I said. "Or had to watch every year as you opened Christmas gifts and I got nothing. Or how about having to go to school wearing rags and beg for the essentials I needed why you all wanted to for anything. How about the cherry on top that yesterday right before Mr. Reed showed up I was told that I was to get a job to support you all while I would get nothing?"

"Well," He said. "Its not my fault Mom and Dad didn't want you."

Laughing I said, "Per my inheritance I cannot give you anything. Not a penny or an item. I think after all these years I am going to be a bit selfish and do right by me."

Mr. Reed and his wife pulled up at that time and I asked, "Did you want to threaten me because that will not work very well Matt."

He looked a me and said, "You will regret this Abbie."

Sighing I said, "I doubt that Matt. Tell Mom and Dad I need my birth certificate and social security card. You know what never mind I will call social security and request a new number and if anything was opened in my name since I turned eighteen I will flag it for fraud."

Mat stalked to his and peeled out. Mrs. Reed asked, "Are you alright Abbie?"

"Yeah," I said. "I am. There will be more visits like that soon enough I am sure. There are six siblings. Please come in I started the entry way."

When we got to the kitchen Mr. Reed said, "We stopped by and spoke to Gracie. She said she spoke with you and you going to sell lots and consign some items."

Nodded I said, "That is true. I get the market place but the idea of meeting people either here or at another place makes me weary, especially when it comes to my parents."

Mrs. Reed nodded and said, "That may be a good idea. Is that why the car is out of the garage? Because your adding to it."

"Yes," I said. "The garage is packed and to be honest with you I am skinny but getting things in and out are difficult."

Smiling she asked, "What is your plans for the house?"

"Well I am trying to get up the stairs and to the master suite," I said. "I am trying to make a path to get to the suite to clean it out and remodel it. Looking at the map of the house I think it would nice that I have a room done. But I guess I have time and a way to support myself."

Mr. Reed said, "That is true. Now I am guessing no one ever opened you up a checking account. So we are going to go with you to open an account. Then your going to deposit the check from Mrs. Jenson left you and it is a lot. I am going to hold the home title and all important documents until you get your room done and get a safe."

"Alright that sounds good especially with my siblings starting to visit," I said. "What bank do you want me to follow you to."

"We are going to open you an account at Truist," He said.

"Okay," I said. "Also Mrs. Reed I have a question what laundry detergent do you use?"

She smiled and said, "Gain. They have wonderful scents."

"Good to know," I said. "I found some clothes that I want to keep and want to make sure I have laundry detergent for when I go to the laundry mat."

We left the house and I followed the Reeds to the bank. Thanks to them I was able to get my account opened and when I saw the amount of money I had received. Even if I did not work a day in my life or turn this home into a bed and breakfast I would never have to work. After we left the bank I ran into Walmart to get laundry detergent and softener. Before I went to check out I decided to look at laptops. I had enough money to buy one. Looking at my watch I decided to go to Graces shop. When I got there she looked up and said, "You must be Abbie."

"Hi Grace," I said. "I have a few boxes in the car if you have time."

"I sure do," She said. "Can you pull around to the back all sales happen back there so we can unload and look through all the items so customer's shopping do not hear what we are discussing."

"Alright," I said. Pulling around the back Grace opened the garage door and we loaded all the boxes onto a table. 

Grace asked, "So I see some basic items and items I want to put in the consignment area. So let me separate them and take some pictures. Then I will give you a price."

"While your doing that can I asked you a question?" I asked.

"Sure thing what's up?" She said.

"Have you ever did garage sales which you run for a percentage of the sales?" I asked.

"Yes I have," She said. "Would that be something your interested in?"

"Yes it is," I said. "I read the county ordinances and they say you can have 1 sale a month. I was going to see what it would take to do one with you.  I do not have the knowledge for the prices to hold a sale."

She laughed and said, "Well before we leave I will give you a date and we can arrange one. Normally if your supplying the items I will supply the time and knowledge I normally request forty percent of the sales. Then whatever is left I will buy or consign for you."

"That would be great," I said. "My goal this week is to get to the master suit by making a path to it."

She laughed and asked, "How is that going for you?"

"Slow," I said. "But I do TikTok videos as well and some of my videos are getting thousand of hits. If I can make some money from that so be it. After having nothing its nice to know I have a future."

Grace said, "It was that bad with your family?"

"Very," I said. "But I have a bright future ahead of me."

"That is the best viewpoint," She said. "So this table here are the items I want to consign. So I notated how many items and you can choose the amount of time or until it sells. Then you sign and I will get these on the shelves and racks. When I get them priced I will copy this form and add the descriptions. There are fifty two items here. When they sell I will send you a check once a month and the list will be updated with a line through the sold items and what it sold for. Every time I send you an check you will get a updated form. Yes you can have multiple lots as we have a lot of people who do this."

I signed the form and gave her the paper Mr. Reed gave me with the official address. When I gave her the first form back she said, "This pile here is lower end items and I will offer you a hundred for it all. Is that okay with you?"

"That sounds good," I said. "Mrs. Reed said I could trust your judgement."

She smiled and said, "For the items I buy I pay cash. Mrs. Reed is a wonderful woman I am glad to be friends with her."

After we finished she went into an office and made a receipt for the cash items and gave me a copy of the consignment items list. Joking I would see her soon she schedule the first yard sale. After we were done I stopped at Lowes to get a few more totes and headed home. When I got home I placed the paper work for today in my small suitcase under the bed and went to the entry way to work on my path. I made a few more videos as I worked on my way up the stairs. At six that night my alarm to end my day went off. Going outside I pulled the car into the garage and locked it up. Going back into the house I decided that I would make a pizza for dinner tonight along with a salad I could pick at the next few days. Putting on videos to listen to I cooked dinner. When it was done I ate while I set up my laptop. 

After setting it up I ate and watched videos. Then after washing up I laid in bed watching TV happy with the fact that I accomplished a bit today. When I went to sleep that night I had a dream that in the kitchen doorway I saw Mrs. Jenson watching me with a content smile on her face.


When I woke up the next morning I remembered my dream. I said, "Mrs. Jenson are you here?"

"Yes," I heard. Then in the doorway of the kitchen she appeared.

"I thought I saw you last night," I said. "Thank you."

"Your most welcome dear," She said walking into the room and sat at the edge of the bed. "You know I am not the only one here. But they don't trust you yet."

Chuckling I said, "Well I hope to meet them soon but depending if they are stuck in other rooms it may be a while before I meet them. My goal right now is to get to the master bedroom so I can remodel it and have a bedroom. Although sleeping in the kitchen is quite cozy."

She laughed and said, "Well I am sure you are going to handle it just fine. I see you decided to keep some of the belongings."

"Yes," I said. "I found quite a few things I want to keep and am making money per your instructions with the rest. Now that things are set up for bank, phone and home I am going to dedicate myself to the house. I even have a yard sale planned in two weeks with Grace she is a friend of Mrs. Reed."

"Good," She said. "Just remember to live as well. I heard what you said about planning on making this home a bed and breakfast. I think that is a wonderful idea and I see you are making videos on the items you find."

"Well," I said. "I post small videos on TikTok and longer ones on YouTube. Maybe you and the other ghosts can help me make ghost videos later and we can claim to be the haunted bed and breakfast."

She laughed even harder and said, "Well we can cross that bridge but I would not mind having a video of me coming down the stairs."

"Well," She said. "You need to get your day started. I will be watching you and will visit again soon."

She disappeared in front of me. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to get changed and ready for my day. Going into the kitchen after changing I made myself a bowl of cereal and ate while checking the comments on my TikTok and YouTube videos. Replying back to some of the videos I ate my breakfast. When it was done I washed my dish and went to start my way up the stairs. I made a few videos that morning and continued on up the stairs. When I filled my car I called Grace and asked if it would be a good time to come through with a car load. She told me of course and I headed to the shop. We talked about the upcoming yard sale and told me to save a bunch of stuff three days before but all I had to do was call before I head there.

When I got to her shop I waited my turn and she said, "How have you been Abbie?"

"Good," I said. "I have been making TikToks and YouTube Videos as I do unboxings. I am trying to make my way up to the master bedroom. I have kept some items for when I get rooms cleared. But in all honesty I cannot wait to start remodeling the room."

"That sounds so exciting," She said. "Where are you sleeping right now?"

"I have a small part of the kitchen," I said. "The entry way area I cleaned out has the sorted totes I have stacked up. But I sleep, eat and work in one room of the house. Even the bathroom has boxes in it."

"Well it seems like you are doing a great job," She said as she sorted everything onto the consignment and stock piles. "Will you have room to store the items for the garage sale?"

"Yes," I said. "For every pile that I get through I sort one box in the entry way. So I am still clearing downstairs but a lot slower. I will tell you I did find a box of records and am hoping I find a record player. I did not sort the records yet. Although I did see some I want to keep."

Her head went up and said, "Records are huge sellers so I can't wait to see what you get."

"Well that is the next box in the entry way," I said. "I will be doing a unboxing video of that today. I will admit I am getting more fast food than I normally should eat but I like to get stuff done. Besides I am burning calories with everything I am doing."

"Just remember to eat healthier," She said. "You know Chinese buffet does a per pound carry out."

"Oh I will remember that," I said. "I was thinking of making a big salad with chicken tonight."

Grace looked over the store pile and said, "One seventy five for the store items. Also that is a great consignment pile with 105 items and I will write that up for you now."

"Okay take your time," I said. Sitting on a bench while she got everything taken care of I answered more comments. When I found one on my YouTube that said, Could that house be haunted I replied, I believe it may be. Only time will tell. While I was waiting I finished my registration for influencer accounts and set my accounts to earn money. When Grace was done I signed both forms and she handed me the money. Going to the car I went to the Chinese Buffet and decided to get two to go boxes. I love sushi and Chinese food when my aunt and uncle came in they always made a point to take me out alone. 

When I cashed out I headed home and ate before deciding to do a live stream on YouTube. Setting up my tablet I started the live stream. I saw a lot of people jump on and I said, "Hey everyone I am not sure how long this will be but I found a box of records and I thought I would sort them with you."

After I finished the records I stepped away to put my pile in a tote and kept speaking. When I looked at the screen I saw people asking who was in the bathroom doorway. Leaning over I said, "Guys I am the only one here."

Taking the tablet I took everyone into the bathroom with me and into the kitchen which is my room. "See everyone," I said. "It's only me here. But that being said I do need to get to work as I am trying to get upstairs to the master bedroom suite. So who would like to watch me remodel the rooms after I clean them out."

Everyone was super nice and said we are with you the entire journey. I ended the live video and set it for immediate view. When I started up the stairs to get another box I said, "I don't know who was in the bathroom doorway but the people watching my video saw you."

There was no reply and by the end of the day I had my car full and I was almost to the top of the stairs. Pulling the car back into the garage I locked everything up and went inside. Putting the chicken bites into the oven for my salad I made sure my mess was cleaned up. Leaving the box that was almost full pushed to the side. Going into the kitchen I made my salad and sat at the table to watch some videos while waiting for my food. Feeling a headache coming on I went to the front door and made sure it was locked. When my salad was ready to eat I sat down and started to eat. I heard my name called and looking towards the door I saw Mrs. Jenson. 

"Good evening Mrs. Jenson," I said. "Come join me."

"Are you alright sweetheart?" She asked. "You look a bit pale."

"Honestly I have a bit of a headache," I said. "I think the excitement of the last few days is catching up to me. I know I need to eat but I just want some water and to go to bed."

"Abbie dear," She said. "Put your food in the fridge. Go wash your face and come lay down. Go on I will wait."

Standing up I put my food in the fridge. Placing my chair next to the bed I placed my laptop on it and plugged it in. Walking into the bathroom I washed my face and brushed my teeth. When I got to the kitchen I climbed into bed and I felt the bed depress as Mrs Jenson sat next to me. She asked, "What are we watching?" 

Yawning I said, "It's called Paolo from Tokyo. He is an American living in Japan with his wife and son. They are educational and I learn a bit. If I fall asleep it will continue to play the next video."

"Rest Abbie," She said. I fell asleep a few episodes in and when I woke up the next morning Mrs. Jenson was gone. I still felt under the weather but my car was packed and I needed to unload it. Texting Grace I said I would be there as soon as she opens. She said come now I am here. 

Getting ready I just washed my face and headed to Grace's shop. When I pulled up I leaned my head on the steering wheel. Grace came out and said, "Abbie dear you look horrible."

"Coming here is all I am doing today Grace," I said. "If I get any worse I am going to go to the emergency clinic."

She called into the shop, "Hey Mike can you help me." 

She looked at me and said, "When we are done Mike will follow me and I will drive you home. You are so pale Abbie."

I closed my eyes and when I opened them Mrs Reed was next to me. We were still in Grace's back lot. Mrs Reed said, "Abbie love you are burning up. Grace called me and Mr. Reed dropped me off. We are going to the emergency clinic. I already got you an appointment."

Nodding I said, "Okay." 

Grace came out and said, "Oh good Mike about called 911. Here is the cash for your store items. It's $200. This is your form for the consignment of 103 items. I will have Mrs Reed sign so she can drive you to get looked at I am wrapping the cash and putting it in your purse."

Mrs Reed started the car and I heard her tell Grace she would update her later. When we arrived at the emergency clinic the staff brought out a wheelchair and the nurse who came in first said, "Dear girl your skin and bones."

I flinched when she said it and mumbled, "Not my fault."

I listened to Mrs Reed explain my story. The nurse asked me if I have been eating and I said, "Every meal now. Well except for last night. I felt so sick I ate three bites and put my salad in the fridge. Then I went to bed. I just went to Grace's store to empty my car."

The nurse asked, "Who can make decisions for you dear?"

"Mr and Mrs Reed," I said. "My parents are evil."

"Understood," she said. "Abbie we need you to sign this consent form. It states the Reeds can give us permission to treat you."

I signed the form and closed my eyes. When I opened them again I had an IV in my arm and was feeling a bit better. Mrs. Reed smiled and pushed a button on the bed. When the nurse answered she said, "She is awake."

"Mrs Reed I am sorry I fell sleep again," I said. "What time is it?"

She gave me a smile and said, "Abbie sweetheart it's 9am the next day. You passed out."

"You stayed here with me this whole time?" I asked.

"Yes you silly girl," she said. "Mr Reed and I care about you and I would never leave you here alone. Now the doctor will be here soon enough to tell you everything. But do not worry everything will be alright and we will get you through this."

The Doctor came in and said, "Abbie it's good to see you awake. Before I tell you everything can you answer a few questions for me?"

"Sure," I said.

"Mrs Reed told me about your living situation and what you were living in before that," she said. "But can you tell me when you went to the Doctor last?"

"My parents never took me," I said. "I was there to be their maid. When Mr Reed found me they wanted me to work so they could have my paycheck."

"Alright," she said. "Do you have regular cycles?"

"No," I said. "They have never been right but my mom said deal with it."

"Alright Abbie we ran a bunch of test while you were out for the count," She said. "It looks like you have endometriosis which means you might never have children. Also your iron levels are super low. We need to see if we can get that up with supplements. We think you may also be hypoglycemic which affects your blood sugar. But all these things can get treated. Your body may be adjusting to a normal diet instead of scraps. You are severely underweight. Do you have any questions?"

"No," I said. "There is no chance at having a child?"

"It is a possibility,"she said. "But there are treatments and we can cross that bridge when we need to. Now that you are awake I gave Mrs Reed if everything you needed and Mr Reed got it and brought it to your house. So your medication and supplements are ready to start. You need to gain healththy weight and they got you a scale as well. Mrs Reed also did the paperwork for you for insurance it was approved and will be active on September 1st. Mrs Reed has all the information and you will receive all your cards in the mail." 

"So what now," I asked.

"Your going to go home and watch TV and rest today and tomorrow," Mrs Reed said. "Then you can start what you were doing again."

An hour later we were on the way home. When we got there Mr Reed was waiting. When I got out of the car he said, "it is good to see you up again."

"It's so good to be home," I said.

Unlocking the door we went in. When I say on the bed Mr Reed said, "Everything they prescribed you is in this basket I know they went over it with you. I picked you up extra water and protein drinks. I did put some in the fridge already. Before I get Mrs Reed home so she can nap. Can we do anything else for you?"

"You have been amazing," I said. "Thank you so much for everything. I am going to stay in bed and rest the next few days. Best thing about my inheritance I can do everything at my own pace."

Mrs Reed leaned over and kissed my forehead saying, "if you need anything you best call me. Do not over do it. I will be checking on you later."

After they left I laid in bed and said, "Mrs Jenson they are gone you can come out now."

She appeared and asked, "Abbie what happened?"

I told her everything that happened and what the doctor said. When I was done I said, "So the next few days I cannot do a lot. I have to go to the Doctor on Monday morning to get rechecked. I may have to change my plan on what is going to be done first."

"What are you thinking then," she asked. 

"I am thinking that I may get some of the sitting area near the stairs cleaned out and make that my room and start with the kitchen," I said. "The Doctor said I need to eat better and how better than to clean out the kitchen first and make it into a showroom of the home and update things. But first I need to get my bed out of there."

She gave me a soft look and said, "well the kitchen is my favorite room in the house." 

My stomach started to growl and I got up and went to the fridge. I saw a tray of sandwiches, fruit and veggies. On the counter there was a package of paper plates and a note that said, no need to do dishes while your healing.

Making a plate I sat on the bed and opened my laptop. I asked Mrs Jenson how much she watched and she said. Go to the last episode you watched. I found them so interesting that I can watch them again. After I reset everything I had not watched Mrs Jenson joined me and we watched the shows. When I would nap she had me stop the series and would come back in when we were to watch more.

On Friday I started to feel better. I made a TikTok and explained my shift in plans and what caused it. Then I did the same thing for YouTube. After I made the videos I decided to make myself some breakfast and answered replies to the videos. While eating it dawned on me that I got more positive comments and feedback from complete strangers than I ever did from my own family. 

Mrs. Reed stopped by every day to make sure I was eating and resting. While we sat visiting I told her my new plan for the kitchen to be done first and making a small spot in the sitting area or hallway for my bedroom. I explained as much as I would love a room to sleep in I think the kitchen would be good for my health.

While we discussed everything she looked around the kitchen and said, "Just remember to take your time with this. You do have all the time in the world and need to take care of yourself. Now what are your plans for the weekend?"

Laughing I said, "Resting and maybe making a few videos. I spoke with Grace this morning and she said she would be in the area on Sunday and would stop by to pick up anything I may want to sell. But I was ordered to relax and just be calm as we can start over on Monday after my Doctors appointment."

Mrs Reed chuckled and said, "You know we knew Mrs. Jenson quite well. I still feel her here. I guess she stuck around to keep an eye on you."

"I feel like she is here as well," I said. "She would baby sit me when my mother asked as she did it for free and she was always like the doting Grandma. I was very blessed to have her in my life when I was younger. I wish my parents didn't forbid me to see her after I got older and could be left alone."

After visiting with Mrs. Reed I walked to the area I had cleared past the kitchen and I heard, "Now Abbie you might be feeling better but you should not be doing much."

"I'm not I promise," I said. "I was thinking though. Instead of going all the way back to the sitting room I could make a spot in the hallway for my bedroom just by moving boxes back to the stairs and entry way. Then I could move things around in the kitchen so I can clean out that Pantry and do that and work on the kitchen. Moving boxes around would not be bad I have the hand cart. It would also mean I can visit people in the kitchen and not my bedroom."

"That is an idea," Mrs Jenson said. "But remember to not over do it."

"I promise I will not over do it," I said. "As soon as I feel the slightest bit tired I will stop and we will watch more videos. That will be for all weekend alright?"

She chuckled and said, "That is a deal and you know me and everyone in the home are watching you."

As I grabbed the hand cart I  asked, "No one else wants to meet me yet?"

"No sweetie," She said. "Not because the don't want to. But until their rooms are cleaned out they are kinda trapped in them. But they said you are not to rush and they are watching you. Getting to know you. Since I was the last owner I can move freely."

"That makes me sad," I said as I got a pile of boxes and moved them to near the stairs. Measuring space I made sure I had enough room to get to the bathroom. "No one should be trapped."

I spent a good twenty minutes moving boxes and making space for my bed. I did set up some boxes in the hall so I could place my dresser and luggage on. As a I moved another pile of boxes I found I had an electrical outlet in the hall next to the pile of boxes I was going to use a a table for my laptop. I grabbed a tape measure and measured my bed and space I cleared to put it. Seeing I would have to move a few more boxes I decided to take a break when my lunch alarm went off. 

Going into the fridge I heated up my leftover Chinese then added the last of the sushi and the sandwich. Sitting at the table I took out the cash from the sales to Grace and counted. I knew I wanted to be very frugal with what I had in my checking account. Although Mrs. Jenson left me a sizeable inheritance I wanted to make sure with my medical issues I did not over spend. Mrs. Jenson appeared as I was counting and she asked, "What's wrong Abbie?"

Smiling I said, "Nothing. I am just doing finances in my head. You left me with more than enough money to remodel the house and live for the rest of my life and for that I an so grateful. But I watched my parents be so frivolous with their money and I will not ever be like them. So I am making a financial game plan. I always dreamed of how I would decorate my own home and this is just a fraction of the money from selling things. I use this for my daily expenses and needs. I will also use all this for whatever I want to buy for the remodeling and the tools to do so."

"Your a smart girl," She said as she sat on the bed. "That pile there will get you started and you can always set up more consignments and sell more items before you need to get more supplies to decorate the rooms and remodel."

"That is true," I said. "Plus I do have income coming in from the videos I created. Speaking of which was that you who made an appearance in my video the night I got sick? When I sorted a box I went to add some record to the keep pile and everyone claims that they saw someone in the bathroom doorway."

She said, "That would be Miles dear he passed in that bathroom he is harmless but as that room is not cleared out he cannot leave yet. He gives you your privacy though no worries about that."

"Good to know," I called out, "Thank you Miles you got me a ton of new views on YouTube."

"How are you feeling Abbie," She asked.

"I am a bit tired that is why I am eating," I said. "By the way this kitchen table will be staying I love it. Do you know how old it is?"

She smiled and said, "Its over two hundred years old. It is solid oak."

Patting the table I said, "She just needs to be refinished then. She will be good as new when I finish with her. Same with the chairs. I do plan on having someone come through and check all the electrical room for room as I go. I want to make sure everything is up to code so there will be no surprises when I go to open our haunted Bed and Breakfast."

"Very smart," She said. "I tried to keep up on everything but in the rooms that were full it was not that easy. Remember a little at a time."

"So true," I said. "Also its nice that I don't have to clean as much now. I used to have to clean my parents home top to bottom every day. My brothers were pigs."

"Well you will do just fine here," She said. "I see you put all your dirty laundry of clothes you decide to keep and have to be washed in a bag to go take to the laundry. Soon enough you will be to laundry room. However you may want to consider having the washer and dryer replaced they are older models."

"I may have them serviced," I said. "But no need to toss them unless they no longer work. I plan on reusing a lot of what is in each room and I am keeping things that I think would go well in the house based on my vision."

"Your a smart girl Abbie," She said. "Now that your finished eating what are your plans?"

"I plan on moving a few more stacks of boxes," I said. "I am also going to move the totes I have holding items to the stairs since none of them are full. I am also considering doing a Walmart order."

"What is a Walmart order Abbie," She asked.

"Where I can order things to the house from the store and only pay a yearly fee for unlimited deliveries," I said. "Then I can stay home and relax."

"What are you ordering?" She asked.

"A laundry hamper," I said. "A garbage bag works in a pinch but a hamper is better to look at. A rolling cart to hang some of the items I found up and hangers. Besides more bottles water, garbage bag's."

Sitting on my phone I grabbed my check register and debit card and signed up for a Walmart Plus account. Then I placed an order for what I wanted adding some clothes I needed. Setting a alarm on my phone for when the window opens for delivery I went to move more boxes. About thirty minutes later I had cleared enough room that I had my own make shift room in the hallway and a place for my bed, dresser and closet. I also stacked some boxes for a side table for my computer and TV. Luckily there was a light right over where I was putting my bed with a wall switch."

Moving the dressers into the area I took apart the bed and moved it as well. When I was done I made the bed again and set everything up to make it more like a bedroom. When my alarm went off I went to the kitchen to await my order. I started clearing a path to the pantry and sorted through some boxes. I was happy I ordered the hamper because I found a box full of vintage sun dresses and kept quite a few of them. Adding them to the hamper bag in my room I figured when I go to do laundry I may have to have the bag and the hamper. After I got the delivery complete I put the extra garbage bags in the pile I had on the counter and dragged the hamper and shelving box to my room. When I was finished putting the closet together I placed the hangers on top and hung up the one sundress I owned. 

Getting tired I called out, "Mrs. Jenson I am putting on the show again."

She appeared and said, "I am ready to watch. Abbie you did a wonderful job making this art of the hallway into a room for yourself. I like the hamper and the closet as well. It can be rolled anywhere you need it to go."

Running to lock the front door I laid down and said, "I am setting it for five episodes to start. That way if I fall asleep we won't have to reset to much."

Later that day I woke up to my phone ringing. "Hello?"

"Oh Abbie dear its Mrs. Reed," She said. "I stopped by earlier but you did not answer and I got worried."

"Hi Mrs. Reed," I said. "Sorry I did some stuff earlier and got tired so I laid down to watch some videos and fell asleep."

"Well you needed the rest," She said. "What did you do earlier?"

Waking up I explained how I created my own bedroom in the hall and slid everything in there. Then I told her how I got a hamper and hanging closet so I could work on the pantry first then the kitchen. But I thanked her for waking me as it was almost dinner time.

"Well what are your plans for tomorrow," She asked.

"I am going to rest on and off," I said. "But in the morning I am going to go to the laundry next door to Ishy Asian Market since both open early. I love healthy Asian food and wanted to stock up on some stuff that I cannot get at Walmart."

"You have been there a few days do you need to do laundry that much," She asked.

"Well when I ordered from Walmart I ordered new underthings, socks, joggers and tanks," I said. "Plus I found some clothes while going through everything. So I need to wash the new items and the older things I found."

"Do me a favor and take it easy," She said. "Grace said she was checking in with you on Sunday and was going to pick up stuff you may have. Just do not over do it please."

"I won't I promise." I said. "Now that I have my own room i get away from what I am sorting and relax. Doing what I did today made it a lot nicer for me and gives me a better sense of home."

"Good," She said. "I will swing by in the afternoon and check in on you."

"Alright," I said. "I will see you then."

Getting up I went into the kitchen and looked in the freezer to decide what I wanted to make for dinner. I took out a lasagna and garlic bread and placed them in the oven. Going to wash my face in the bathroom I decided while dinner was cooking I could work on my pathway to the pantry. I knew the pantry had a window in there and would lobe to see what I can do. As I sorted boxes I found very little I wanted to keep for now. Most boxes were just placed in a pile where my bed had once sat. Opening another box I found a bunch of hand made quilts. I kept the two I liked the most and added them to a new tote for blankets and linens for my room when I finally get to it. Now I know people will be like what if you change your mind on the totes once you get to the room. Easy then I sell the items no big deal.

Adding another box to the pile for Grace I went to check on the Lasagna. Since it was almost done I put the garlic bread in the oven next to it. Making more of a path to the pantry made me happy because I knew once that was done I could move things around in the kitchen. When my dinner was done cooking I placed it on the counter to cool deciding I would sort one last box. Opening the last box I found a bunch of shoes. Checking each paid I found four that would fit me and placed them on my closet in my room.

Washing my hands I went to eat when there was knocking at my door. Looking out the window I saw my father. I was going to ignore the knocking but I saw Mr. Reed pull up to the curb and opened the door, stepping out and shutting the door behind me. 

"What," I asked.

"You need to let your siblings move in with you," He said.

"No," I said. "Anything else?"

"You can't tell me no," He said.

"I sure can," I said. "Because of being raised by you and mother I had to be taken to the Doctor and now have issues because of your care. The hospital is looking into my medical past as I just turned eighteen and I was never taken to the hospital. Now leave you, mom and my siblings are not welcome here nor will ever be welcome here even when I open this place up as a hotel and wedding venue you all will be permanently banned."

"Oh your so smart," He said. "Who is going to help you?"

Mr Red stepped up and said, "Her lawyer."

My Dad backed off and said, "This is not over Abbie."

We watched as he left and Mr. Reed said, "Abbie can I have a word?"

"Sure," I said. "Come in."

We went into the kitchen and he asked, "Where is your bed?"

"Oh you must not have been home yet," I said. "I told Mrs. Reed about what I did."

Showing him the room I made for myself he followed me back to the kitchen and we sat down. Looking at him I asked, "What's up."

"Just checking in with you and I had to ask you a question," He said.

"I am doing a lot better and will continue to do so," I said. "Did Mrs. Reed ask you to check on me?"

"No," He chuckled. "But the question has to do with my wife. Is she being to overbearing with you?"

"No not at all," I said. "I find it refreshing to have someone concerned about me."

"You remind her of our daughter," He said. "My son is grown up and runs a lawn business. He is the one who maintains the outside property. But our daughter passed away a few years ago due to a drunk driver and I think my wife is directing her mom self onto you. If your okay with it I will not say anything she knows your different from Natalie. But I wanted to make sure she was not being pushy."

"No she is not," I said. "I am grateful for her. My parents were shit and everything she has helped me with means a lot to me. Have you ever thought of getting her counseling?"

"She is in a bereavement group," He said. "But I have noticed how concerned she is with you. I wanted to make sure you knew what happened."

"Thank you," I said. "If she gets to overbearing I will be gentle with her. She said you all were going to stop by tomorrow so when you get here be surprised about my room."

"Noted," He said. "Now the Dad in me is curious a wedding venue and hotel. That is very doable here and when the time comes I will be your lawyer for all paperwork and contracts. I am impressed with the thought. Why did you make your room in the hall instead of going upstairs?"

"Eventually I will take the room next to the pool," I said. "But that big bedroom upstairs will make a beautiful bridal or honey moon suit. Plus what bride would not want to come down those stairs for her wedding."

"So what are you working on now," He asked. 

"A path to the pantry," I said. "The kitchen after that. But with the pantry I can store food in there instead of the cabinets in the kitchen. I am not going to make big changes but I will love to update the paint and possibly the hardware. I think there is a fireplace behind all that as well and I will have each room inspected to make sure its up to code and keep those inspections handy"

"What a smart idea," He said. "Well I will be glad to give you numbers of trusted people. Just do me a favor for the sake of my sanity and my wife please do not over do it. We were so worried about you. Now you get to eating your dinner and I will be surprised when we stop by tomorrow. Are you going out at all?"

"Yes," I said. "The laundry next to Ishy Asian Market opens at 6 along with the market. So I am going to wash what laundry I have and my bedding from being under the weather. I want to stock up on my favorite things and I love Asian vegetables."

"See you tomorrow then," He said. I followed him to the door and locked it behind him. I checked the mail box attached to the wall and found some mail addressed to Mrs. Jenson that were ads and threw them in the trash. 

Sitting down I ate dinner and decided it would be an early night. Grabbing my pajamas I went to take a shower and when I was done took the towels I used and placed them in the hamper. I went into the kitchen and made a small snack plate and said, "Mrs. Jenson I am starting the show again."

When I did not hear here I leaned back and started to snack while watching the shows. Getting drowsy I laid deeper on my bed and before long I fell asleep for the night.


When I woke up in the morning I felt better than I had in the last few days. Going into the bathroom I got ready to go out. Stripping my bed I added my sheets, pajamas and blanket to the hamper. When I was ready I grabbed my hamper, my bag full of laundry, the soaps and loaded up my trunk after locking the house. Since it was so early I had almost no traffic and stopped at Chick Fila for a chicken biscuit, Tots and sweet tea. Pulling into the laundromat I grabbed my belongings and went in. Using the change machine first, then I found three machines to wash my stuff and started each of the loads. Going back out to the car I started to eat my breakfast. I was just answering comments on TikTok when there was knocking at the window. Looking up I saw my sister Amber waiting for me to roll down the window. I opened it a crack and said, "Leave me alone."

She kept eating while she continued to knock. My alarm went off so I could put my stuff in the dryer. Sighing I opened the door, gathered my trash and locked my car taking my purse with me. Putting my trash in the garbage I went into the laundry and she grabbed my arm saying, "Listen you little shit do not ignore me."

"Leave me alone or I will call the police for harassment," I said. 

"You need to give me money," She said. "I heard you have a boatload of it."

"Per my inheritance I cannot give you a cent," I said. "Now please leave me alone."

An officer came in the door and stood there when he heard me tell Amber to leave me alone. She went to grab my purse and I said, "Stop trying to get in my bag Amber your not taking anything else from me."

She went to raise her hand to me and the cop yelled, "That is enough."

She gave a smirk and said, "Sir she had my purse."

The officer said, "No its her bag she had it when she left her car. After she told you to leave her alone. Now I see you have the nursing college badge on you car. If you do not leave her be you will be arrested. Do you want to add lying to an officer to the charges."

She looked at me and said, "This is not over we will get your money and your house."

When she left the officer asked, "Would you mind sharing what that was about?"

While I switched over the laundry I told him about my family and my inheritance from Mrs. Jenson. Going over the conditions of the inheritance and my plans to turn the home into a hotel and wedding or event venue. Then I said. "I was never wanted or talked to until I received the inheritance. Because of them I have physical issues that the Doctor is trying to help me with now due to malnutrition and lack of medical care from a young age."

He looked at me and said, "Who is watching over you?"

"Do you know the Reeds?" I asked. "Mr. Reed is a lawyer in town."

"Yes I know them," He said. "Do you want me to call them?"

"No," I said. "Now that she left all I want to do is go shopping next door and by the time I am done there my laundry will be done." 

He nodded and said, "Well after your Doctors in the morning give me a call here is my card. I will meet you at the court house and we will get you a restraining order. Bring a note from the Doctor as it will help get the order. Also I will be out in my car for a while I watch this area and I will make sure she leaves you alone."

"Thank you," I said and went next door to the store. Smelling all the familiar things I liked I went through starting with the non perishables and loaded my shopping cart. I made sure I had the noodles and rice's and all the extra. When I found all the sushi making ingredients and stuff for spring and egg rolls.  By the time I added the meats and vegetables I like and headed to the frozen items. Standing in front of the case I saw buns and all the frozen I like. I may have bought a bit more than I planned and when I got to the prepared food case. I did order more than I planned  but I figured it would be leftovers. 

Coming out of the store after checking out I grabbed a hot steamed bun from a bag and went to check my dryer which had another five minutes. Sitting on the bench I saw that The clothes were starting to dry. Taking the hamper and bag I put all the clean clothes in them and headed to the house. When I got there Mr. and Mrs. Reed were waiting. I grabbed my laundry and said, "Hey I have to get this all inside. Just give me a moment."

Opening the door I placed the laundry into the bedroom and when I came out the reeds were bringing in my grocery bags. "You guys I would have gotten it."

Mr. Reed laughed and said, "We are early because I got a call from a client so if you don't mind Clara visiting while I go meet them really fast."

"Not at all," I said. "Mrs. Reed is always welcome here."

She patted my arm and said, "Clara dear."

"Alright Clara," I said with a smile.

We grabbed the last of the bags and went into the kitchen. "Please Clara have a seat. I have to figure all this out."

Placing the bags with the warm food in the oven I said, "Since you were stopping by I got some food for lunch. But I could not resist the different ingredients. These will be staples in the pantry when I finish it."

She gave a smile and said, "Show me what you got."

For the next hour I showed her  the different items I got including all the fresh fruit and vegetables. She moved some of the boxed to the walkway and said, "That way there is room for all of us."

"Oh good idea," I said. "I have a small pile for Grace tomorrow but I will be honest I have been resting."

After putting everything away I said, "Why don't you follow me and you can see my room."

"I just want to put my things away before Mr. Reed--" 

"Mack dear," She interrupted.

"Okay before Mack gets back and then we can eat," I said. 

"Taking a bag from the hamper I said, "I was wondering where I put this."

Handing her the bag she said, "Oh I like these small dishes are they for dips and small amounts of food?"

"They are," I said. "It helps with the diets which I can add a little of everything into."

When I pulled out the blanket and sheets she took them and said, "I will make your bed while you hang everything up or out it away."

Adding all my items to the dresser and hung up the things that needed hangers. Clara looked around after I finished hanging everything and putting the hamper back and she said, "I like this you did a great job at making your own space."

Mack came back and said, "So what have you ladies been up to."

Clara said, "Abbie made her own room. She did such a great job using what she could at the moment."

Mack looked in and said, "I like that you made great use of the space."

Looking at them I asked, "Are you hungry we have food."

Mack said, "We can eat." 

He sat down while I opened the food containers and placed our plates in the table with a few traditional condiments. As he was eating he said, "Abbie I heard you had a run in with your sister. The officer said he is meeting you after the doctors to do a restraining order on the family."

Nodding I took a drink and said, "Yes I am. She tried to take my purse from me and would not stop. I do not trust them as they keep saying they will take everything."

Clara said, "Would you like me to go with you on Monday first to the Doctors and then to the court house so you have moral support."

"That would be great," I said. "That way I do not miss anything. I do not even know what to ask."

"Of course Abbie," She said. "Being a Mom I know everything to ask. Besides how are Mack and I going to see you succeed if you have any medical problems. I will pick you up at 8am and we will go. Then after we will handle the restraining order."

We sat eating and relaxing for a while longer and when they had to go Clara hugged me and said, "Now you relax and do not over do it. If you need anything call me."

After they left I sat in my house and just listened to the sounds. While I listened I started to hear the voices of the unseen residents. Mrs. Jenson was right there did not seem to be a bad one in the group. Standing up I said, "Everyone it may take me some time to get to you but I promise I will get to you soon enough and when I have this house ready we will open the best haunted hotel and event center ever!"

Until dinner I sorted and added to my pile for Grace to get in the morning. When my alarm went off to cook dinner I decided to make a big bowl of rice noodles with some meat, vegetables and a broth to go over it. While everything cooked I continued to sort some more. Sitting at the table eating I answered more comments on my social media and then watched some videos. After I cleaned up my mess I set another timer to work on my path to the pantry. When it went off I grabbed pajamas and took a shower making sure the front door was locked.

Laying in bed I set up a play list and called out to Mrs. Jenson. Again she did not appear and seemed to be hidden or missing at the moment. I started the video's and soon fell asleep. 

I woke up around three in the morning when I heard a noise. Something told me not to put the lights on I did grab my phone and Mrs. Jenson appeared and said, "There is a man outside the house. He has been checking the doors and windows."

Grabbing my phone I saw a light shine from the bathroom window. I ducked down and called the police. The operator answered and said, "911 what is the nature of your emergency."

"My name is Abbie Green I live at 2121 Marks lane and someone is trying to break into my house," I said. "I think he is trying to break in through the bathroom and that is the only room I would be able to hide in."

"Listen Abbie police are two blocks away and you stay low and out of site," She said. "Stay on the phone and do not hang up. Now listen do you hear anyone in the house yet?"

"No I see the light from the bathroom window," I said. "That is the only window not blocked but there is a huge bush in front of it."

"What do you mean?" She asked. 

"I inherited this house a week ago and just moved in," I said. "The previous owner was a hoarder but a clean hoarder and she has this house packed top to bottom with belongings. I have been selling the items and clearing out the house to turn it into a event center and hotel."

"Its ok Abbie the police are arriving now," She said. "Do not freak out they have the guy and are knocking on the door now. Hang up now Abbie your safe and go talk to the police."

Hearing the knock at the door I went and unlocked it and the same officer I saw this morning was standing there. He said, "We meet again. Your safe and we have the guy trying to break in. He will not give us his name would you like to see if you can identify him?"

Walking over to the police car I saw the guys face and he screamed, "Do not tell them anything Abbie."

Looking at the officer I said, "That is my brother Chris. You will be able to pull up his records in your system he has a string of them."

The officer walked me away while Chris ranted and yelled. He said, "When the call came through I called Mack. Him and Clara should be here soon. We are taking pictures now but when we meet on Monday I will present the breaking and entering as well. You want charges pressed right?"

"Oh yeah," I said. We saw the car pull up next to the police car. Clara and Mack got out and Clara ran over to me.

"Abbie are you okay?" She asked as she hugged me.

"I am alright," I said. "Something woke me and I saw the lights coming through the open bathroom door. I called 911 right away. I am alright Clara I promise."

Mack talked to the police and said, "Bring Abbie inside this is wet air we don't want her anymore sick."

Going into the house we headed to the kitchen. I put the light on and said, "I cannot wait till we get that restraining order. I am also glad the house is so packed. But I was doing research. There are security systems that you can add to with loud sensors. I may pick up some when I start the pantry and install them in all the rooms of the house as I go room for room."

She nodded and said, "I agree. You seemed to have had a adventure this week with moving in."

Getting the tea pot filled I grabbed some mugs, instant coffee, tea bags, sugar and cream. As I started the tea pot I said, "That is an understatement. I know I will not be able to sleep after this so I guess I am starting my day. Thank heavens I was in bed by eight last night."

Clara looked at the pile in the middle of the kitchen and said, "It looks like you got a bit done."

"I did and I am almost to the door to the pantry," I said. "You have to see the skirts I found they are 1970's vintage. I kept quite a few of them. By the time I get to my room I will have a closet full of clothes with everything I keep finding and that is not a complaint."

Clara laughed and Mack came in with the officer. The tea kettle went off and I offered him some coffee which he declined. Mack said, "Your quick thinking saved you Abbie. Chris had a gun on him."

"Chris has always been stupid," I said. "I think after Grace comes by today I am going to go to Lowes and pick up motion sensor lights and security cameras to put on the outside of the house."

Mack nodded and said, "That is a great idea. When you go out to get them call me when your on your way home. We will come back over with out son Ben. He is the one who owns the lawn care business and him and I will put them up all around the property. We do not want you on a ladder. I know you have one its in front of the car in the garage so do not pull in once you back."

Clara handed Mack a cup of coffee as she poured herself some tea. Clara turned to the officer and said, "James you sure you don't want a cup?"

He laughed and said, "God no I am on my last hour and am heading home. I will never get to sleep if I have coffee now. Abbie I will have the reports ready for Monday and I am going to start everything for the restraining order which I am going to suggest an order of protection instead against your entire family. But for now do not over do it. When you told me boxes and packed I thought you were joking."

Mack walked him to the door and when he came back he said, "Well now that your awake what are you going to do Abbie?"

My stomach growled and I said, "Eat some breakfast and continue on for when Grace gets here. She has that pile right now. But I know I will have more by the time she arrives she said around ten in the morning. I want to have enough room she can do her sorting and such."

Clara stood up and said "Hand me a garbage bag I will take the clothes you found and wash them for you as we are coming back. You are not troubling me as all I was going to do is work in my garden."

I handed her a garbage bag and she came back with the full garbage bag. She said, "I know I am showing my age a but but my mom had skirts like these when I was a kid."

We all laughed and Mack said, "We will await your call. Come on Clara Lowes just opened and I promised you some new vegetable plants. I bet you can get a bunch in before Abbie calls us."

As they went to the door I heard her ask, "Do I have a spending limit?"

"No my love you do not," he replied.

When they left I saw a shadow in the bathroom and said, "Hi Miles. I hope he did not disturb you to much."

When I got back to the kitchen Mrs. Jenson was sitting on the chair. She said, "That was exciting now wasn't it."

Gathering the dishes I said, "He had a gun Mrs. Jenson. I do not think exciting is the word I would use."

She nodded and said, "Well you have a plan then. That is the best we can ask for at this time. But what are you going to do now?"

"I am making a ham egg and cheese sandwich and work on sorting things as I am almost to the pantry door," I said. "I may be in the pantry by the time Grace arrives and starts going through everything."

"Splendid," She said. "I like Grace I met her through Clara when I was alive."

I started to make my breakfast and then while I was eating I decided to make a TikTok and YouTube video. When I was done I set up my laptop to listen to videos and continued on while I was sorting. When the doorbell rang at 10 in the morning I opened it to see Grace and Mike. Mike said, "Man Abbie you look so much better today."

"Mike I feel a lot better now," I said. "Grace I have a huge pile as I have been up since someone tried breaking in this morning."

Mike stepped in and said, "Girl where do you sleep?"

I laughed and showed them my make shift room. He said, "You said packed but I thought two to three boxes not ceiling height."

"Yeah," I said. "This is going to be a labor of love. Especially when I start remodeling the rooms."

Grace said, "You said this was going to be a hotel, wedding and event center?"

Stopping by the stairs I said, "Could you imagine coming down those stairs for your wedding?"

She sighed and Mike said, "I would own those stairs. But it would be small intimate weddings right?"

"Yes same with events as well," I said. "Lets get to the kitchen."

When we walked in Grace said, "Do you know if that fireplace works yet?"

"I hope it does," I said. "My goal is the pantry first. But after I redo the pantry I will be starting in here. This pile here is for you to do your thing. I am going to continue on with my path to the pantry. After your done I am going to get security cameras and motion activated spot lines to help prevent break ins."

"Who tried to break in," Mike asked.

"My brother," I said. "He was also armed. Tomorrow after my doctors appointment I am going to be getting an order of protection from my whole family."

Grace said, "You have my card. Mikes and my phone number are on there. You know you can always call us. Oh Mike can you run out and grab the empty totes so I can separate buy now and consignments."

He hopped up and went out. When he got back they got to work while I sorted even more boxes. When they were finished they had two stacks and Grace was filling out the form. She said, "That pile is buy now and that is $250.00, you also have 200 consignment items. Those clothes will sell for a great price."

"Yay!!!" I said as I took the cash and signed both forms. "I will bring you more stuff the next two days but starting Wed I will be holding everything here for the yard sale on Saturday. While your selling I will be going through stuff in the house unless I am up to remodeling the pantry. But even then I will be going back and forth. All the money I earn on cash sales and yard sales goes towards my daily needs and remodeling supplies. I want to save the money I inherited for my medical and future."

Mike came over and put his arm around me saying, "Little sister we got you. Your going to be just fine especially with our store we have you."

When they left I went to the box that I had found and counted out $1000 to get all the cameras and lights. As well as some drinks for Mack and his son. When I got to Lowes I found a sales person who helped me find everything I needed. Before I checked out I went to the garden department and found a hanging plant for Clara. On the way home I stopped and got a bunch of drinks and grabbed a burger to eat. I called Clara when I got home and she said they would be over soon. Going in I counted all the cash I had left and discovered I had $7054.00. Placing the small box under the head of the bed I went to the kitchen and continued on. The doorbell rang and when I answered it Clara was there and she handed me the garbage bag. I took the bag and handed her the hanging plant. She laughed and hugged me as she said, "I love it."

Mack came up the stairs and said, "Okay we got the ladder and ready for the lights and cameras."

I handed them a bunch of bags and said, "They said they are solar powered for the lights and cameras but they all have battery back up and wiring so its up to you on how to run it. Also there is a bunch of drinks in the fridge getting cold."

"Alright," He said. "Ben and I will check in with you ladies later."

Picking up my bag we went to my room so I could put away the laundry. We sat talking and when I got back to the kitchen I said, "Would you mind if I work on my path to the pantry?"

"No of course not," She said. "I will love to see how you do this."

Moving a chair to hold the already sorted box. I opened the next one and sighed saying, "I am so glad I got more totes. I have a feeling these will be used for the pantry."

I started pulling out a large amount of mason jars. Clara looked at the rings and lids and said, "A lot of the rings and lids will have to be replaced. But you can get them at good prices."

We checked the rings and lids tossing packing paper and the bad things we found. At the bottom I found more vintage cook books and added some of them to my keep pile. When I filled my next box I added it to my car and joined Clara on the porch. She said, "You know you could do a nice set of rocking chairs out here."

"I have been thinking about that," I said. "Maybe after everything settles down. Besides god only knows what's hidden in these rooms."
I let out a yawn and Clara said, "The day is catching up to you."

"Yes," I said. "It will be an early night tonight that is for sure."

"Well sweetheart you continue to do what your doing," She said. "I am going to read."

The guys came in a few times to get drinks and at 430 they said they had another hour. When they left to go back out I ordered pizza and wings for everyone. Clara said it was not necessary but I insisted saying that its the least I could do with them installing everything. When the pizza got here the guys were putting the ladder back into the garage. Mack looked at what I bought and said, "Hungry?"

"I figured you all might be," I said. "Its the least I could do."

Ben took the food and said, "Dad never argue with a woman who buys you pizza. Has mom not taught you anything."

We sat around the table eating and talking. When we finished eating it finally got dark enough to test the outdoor lights and cameras after Ben loaded everything on my phone. We walked the entire property and tested all the lights and cameras. When the guys were satisfied I pulled my car into the garage and they said goodbye. Clara confirmed that she would be to my house at eight in the morning. After they left I went inside and locked the door. Going into the kitchen I did one last clean up for the kitchen and asked out loud, "Mrs. Jenson do you remember what day garbage day is?"

I heard her laugh as she called out, "Tuesday and Friday dear."

Getting my Pajamas from my room I took a shower and laid in bed. I think I watched a half of a episode before I fell asleep. That night I slept in a solid sleep dreaming about the future in the home. I was positive that this place was going to be the best haunted hotel and event center ever.


When I woke up the following morning I was not hungry and decided to put a few protein bars in my bag when Clara knocked at the door. She smiled and asked, "Did you eat anything?"

"Not yet," I said. "Not even water I was a bit nervous."

"Good do not eat anything till we see the Doctor," SHe said. "That way if they need to do a fasting blood draw they can. After the appointment we can go to the breakfast buffet at Mings after. I love their chinese food but their breakfast biffet is something else."

Walking out to her car I said, "I just hope everything goes alright."

She patted my arm and said, "Do not worry Abbie the doctors will get you all set up so you can be healthy."

We got to the Doctors and the nurse led us to the room. After she asked me all the questions Clara said Abbie has not ate yet in case you want to do any blood draws. The nurse was surprised and said, "We will ask the doctor."

Afte a two hour visit I was given prescriptions and told to follow up in two months. I was told for the next few weeks I made the appontment before I left to not over do it and to eat even if its just a snack size plate. When we left my stomach started to growl and I said, "I am ready for that buffet now."

Clara laughed and said, "Well lets go get breakfast before we call the officer to meet us for the order of protection."

We pulled into the buffet and when I went to pay Clara said, "Put it away you got dinner last night."

I went to argue and the woman at the counter asked, "Tea?"

"Yes," Clara said. "Can you also bring some water as well."

"Of course," She said. "Take any table you wish and enjoy."

My stomach was snarling by the time we went to the buffet. After I filled my first plate and we sat down I was trying to strain myself as I said, "I will have to remember they have the buffet in the morning."

Clara laughed and said, "This is my favorite breakfast in town."

Abbie Green- main 2121 Marks lane (CASH 7054) (Inheritance 15000000)
Mr. Reed (Mack)- Lawyer Mrs. Reed (Clara)- Natalie daughter who passed.
Grace- Resell store 40 percent for yard sales
Mrs. Jenson- old babysitter deceased (Miles- entry bathroom)
Mom, Dad, Matt, Amber, Chris

Aug 11th.

1 consignment- 52 items
2 consignment- 105 items
3 consignment - 103 items
4 consignment- 200 items

ABC - A book for Malakai

 A is for Amazing. B is for