Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Farm Part 5

After what had happened to my dad on thursday I decided to take a personal day on Fridy. By t he time Saturday came around I left a very sleepy dad and a over nuturing mom at home so I could go to meet Clara about teh Circus.

I pulled up to the gate of the estate and told them that I was there to see Clara.  They let me in and I pulled up to the front of the house and a woman walks out the door to meet me.

I walk up to her and outstrech my hand, "Hello I am Amelia are you Clara?"

Clara smiled and replied, "I sure am. You are the brave young lady looking into the dreadful house are you?"

I smiled and said, "That would be me."

"Well, dear," Clara started, "I have a nice tea and brunch set up for us and I will tell you all about the time my Grandfather and the circus stayed in that horrible place."

After we sat down and started to eat some of the brunch Clara asked, "So how would you like to do this dear?"

"To be honest CLara why don't you start at the beginning and tell me everything in your own words."

"Well, I guess it would be good to start at the beginning.  In June of 1971 my Grandfather had decided that we needed a place to stay during the off months. A compound of sorts to store the equipment and a place where the workers who had no place to go had a place to go.  He found that place through a friend of his and he had had it disclosed to him that there was a massacre on the property and the hospital was looking to get rid of it fast. My grandfather brushed way the negative saying that the circus happiness would banish the sadness attached to the property.  I remember when we pulled up with my Mother and Grandfather I asked if  we were going to live here.  My mother smiled as my grandfather said 'when we are not traveling with the circus'.

We got out of the car and I looked at the house.  I started looking at the house and I decided I did not like it. The first few weeks we were in the home things were pretty calm. Sometimes we would hear footsteps in the middle of the night or things would not be were we left them but we never really thought anything of it.  Then the circus went on its first break and some of the crew showed up to stay at the farm.

For the first few days everyone got settled and one day I went looking for the circus mystic Madam Kareen. I found camper stationed far away from the house almost bordering the grave yard. When I knocked on her door she pulled me into a hug and she said she had something for me. She put a bracelet on my wrist and she said it would protect me from the evil that resides on this land.  I remebering her saying that she did not like the farm but is where we needed to be for the time being.

We had a school teacher who traveled with the Circus during the year and she would help out with ticket sales when not teaching us. She had taken a few weeks to go visit her sister in Georgia who had just had a baby.  When she pulled up in her camper she gave a wave and the crew helped her get her camper setlled on its bricks till she was ready to drive it again.  A tent was set up next to her camper and it had tables and chairs put in it as well Mrs Shellys chalkboard that normally was transported with the big tents.  We all started our lessons up again and it was odd as Madam Kareen spent a lot of time watching the lessons and Mrs Shelly seemed relieved that someone was there with her."

"Did something happened to Mrs Shelly?"

"Yes, Mrs Shelly had terrible nightmares while living at the farm. Mrs Shelly also felt as if there were children late at night outside her camper. She would leave stuff set up inside the school tent for the next mornings lesson and when she would go to open the air flaps so the tent would be aired our in the morning the inside of  the tnt would be a mess like a child was playing inside.  She let things go as she knew we would be traveling for a few weeks before the holidays. We left on October first to go do a two week engagement in St Augustine.

When we got back things were okay and the next real incident didn't happen until January of 1973.  We had just gotten home from a six week tour and Henry one of our lead clowns had been having a rough time. His brother had passed away the year before and he had been seeing a woman locally that decided she did not want i traveling all the time. However, Henry had been born into the circus life and he didn't want to do anything else.  When we got bac in town he had found his love had moved on and actually had married someone a week earler. He was absolutly devestated. All the circus family tried keeping him company and cheering him up. He just sunk into a bigger pit of depression. He would be grumpy with the adults and he barely tolerated the kids. He used to play games with us kids before he started to fall into his pit and now we could barely get a hello. We were all worried. We left to do a few fall shows and while we were gone Henry seemed to get better.  He was happier and talkative.  Henry was jovial all through Christmas and even played his fiddle during our New Years eve party!

Every sunday we would have a huge family dinner wirh all the zoo workers. The circus cooks as well as any of the worker who wanted would prepare a huge meal before we had our Sunday service. It would be kept warm while we had our prayer srrvice and we would end with a meal of fellowship.  That morning Henry had came in to the kitchen with eggs from the chicken coup for the cooks and Marty the head cook said that henry looked a bit rough let him make him a egg sandwhich before he went to set up for the prayer service. Henry agrees and sits down with a cup of coffee. I was sitting at the counter making pies for desert and Henry looked at me and said "Clara sweetie you have the bracelet Kareen gave you on right?"

I looked up and answered, "Yes Sir!"

"you keep that on Clara it will keep you safe." Marty handed henry a egg sandwhich and henry leaned over and kissed my cheek as he walked out the door, "See you both at service."

Marty laughed after Henry walked out, "I guess he forgot that I already went to service."

I giggled as i went about making my pies. I handed them to Marty and he shooed me out the door to head to the barn for prayer service.  I got to the barn and Henry was sitting outside the door and shook my hand. He took out his hankerchief and dusted the flour off my cheek. He shooed me in and told me he would see me soon. As i sat down with my mom and grandpa the pastor started the prayer service. The pastor was always good about making service be calm and go quickly. As the service ended we left the barn and a group of the roadies seemed to be getting into a heated argument. Henry walked over and had pulled grandfather aside to speak with him. I over heard them speaking saying that some of the newer roadies were in a huff because our next show wasn't for a month. Grandpa walked over towards them and tried to diffuse the situation.

"Guys whats going on we don't need to have a hot head on the lords day. While your here you knw your needs of food and  board are covered. Now Marty has been working all morning with help from others prepparing tasty food."

One of the newer guys walked up to grandpa and  went to swing a punch.  My grandpa was fast nd ducked. He grabbed the guys fist and looked him in the face, "Son your drunk on the lords day. You have two choices go wash up and cool off and come get food or you can gather your belongings from the barn loft and be gone with you."

Another younger guy got up in grandpas face and a few of our permant workers went to back up grandpa. "Old man you need to back off this is our circus now you owe us."

My mom had the ladies head towards the house as a full out brawl started infront of the barn. I ran ahead of everyone yelling for Marty and he sat me on a stool and grabbed the phone to call the sheriff station. As he explained what was going on my mom walked out of the house with a shot gun and headed towards were the men were fighting.  My mom loaded a single shot and let off a shot. The fight stopped cold in its track. Henry was taking a hit from two guys to protect my grandfather and as he crumbled to the ground my mom aimed the gun at the guys telling them its time to get thier stuff and leave.  The police showed up at that moment and got the rest of the situation under control.  My Grandfather was embarassed and explained to the officers that he appreciated them coming out and that the guys were mad that they were not getting paid because the circus was on a break. He also explained the circus provided cloths food and tolietries while they were here and thats how all circuses handle off time. The officer handled getting the four guys off the farm property and then Grandpa offered the officers some food to take with them for coming out. The officers were thankful and waked up to the house with Grandpa and Henry. Our preacher said grace over the food and then Marty handed the officers some containers we use for the circus and told the officers to help themselves.  The officers were thankful and filled their containers with food thanking my grandfather and everyone up at the house for their hospitality. As the officers were leaving the house one of the officers stopped in his tracks and called back to the house call the fire department.  We look out if the window and the barn was on fire. All the men ran out and were grabbing hoses and buckets and moving campers close to the barn. Then we heard the screaming. The guy who had started the brawl was inside the barn loft and he was on fire. It almost looked as if he was dancing in the loft through the window, The fire department got there and was able to save part of the barn however the guy who started the brawl was dead. The officers say it wasn't the fire that got him but the smoke.  That was the first death since we moved into the farm.

After the fire that day the mood seemed to drop. The crew had their meal on and off during the day. Marty kept everything cold that needed to be and the warn food could be heated up if needed.  Later in the afternoon as the fire crew gave permission for the adults to go into the barn they went to the loft and bed area to try to salvage what was left of where people bunked.

After that the whole mood of the camp changed. More people started finding side jobs so they didn't need to stay on the property when we were between shows. Grandfather started looking for land in Tampa so he could build a massive compound and mansion.  He finally found property and hired a company to start the construction. I remember my mom and him talking one night and I heard their conversation.

"Dad how long do you think it will be for the buildings to be done?"

"Sweetie I had the crew hire extra people to get the compound built as fast as possible. We can't leave anyone behind when we leave for everyone's safety."

"So they won't say how long? Dad I am worried about Clara. What if whatever is causing this goes after her or any of the kids?"

"They won't and if it makes you feel better I can go to the witches camp and ask them to come bless the property."

My mom gave him a look with rolling eyes. After seeing her look I saw her go up to her room.

A few weeks later we started a last minute tour and booking trip with the circus. Everyone seemed happy to be getting away from the farm. As our group left the gate I turned around and i could have sworn that i saw a man standing right next to the front porch holding a axe. I turned around real fast and ducked under the seat.

We were gone for three months and when we came back Grandfather had everyone meet next to the barn.  We were all curious about what he had to say because we had just gotten back from our three month tour.  We gathered around and Grandfather got a impish grin on his face.

He started his speech, "My family I know things have been a bit busy the last few months and after the tragedy at the beginning of the year not many people want to stay around here. I understand we did not understand what we got into when we purchased the land.  YOu all have been amazing and we have march through. So I have some amazing news. The new compound in St Pete is now in the final stages. It will be complete within the last few months. When we leave for our next tour we will be bringing all of our belongings with us. If you have a camper or RV that will not come with us on tour we will have it moved to your new lot. If you have belongings in storage here we will have it leaving the property a few days before we go on final tour before we leave. In August when we leave we will not be coming back here in Spetember."

There was cheers all around as Grandfather made the announcement.  As everyone started to head to their perspective lodgings a huge storm began to form overhead. Mama rushed me inside as the first drops started to fall to the ground. Little did we know we were about to come face to face with the past horrors of the home.

Once the rain started it did not let up for three days. On the third day a unholy mist seemed to settle on the property and everyone started to spend more and more time in the main house as a group. The whole atmosphere changed and the mist seemed to take a life of its own. A few times while the men were on the porch they would comment they are seeing shapes in the distance and it must be a cow.  When the animal crew went to handle the circus animals which were all in thier cages or the barn they went in groups and no one went alone.

As everyone was settling into making dinner in the main house that night the men folk decided to bed down the animals early as they wanted to be back to the main house by nightfall.  Thats when he commotion started. They came upon one of the tigers cages and Kinny was chewing on something that was not given to him. Bran his trainer called to him and kinny would not stop. It looked like whatever he was chewing on was attached to the ground. So the guys lifted the cage to move it and stop kinny from knawing on what he had the ground broke under the cage and a body came partially out of he ground.  There was yelling and screaming and the guys moved Kinny to a packed part of the ground and a few came back to the house to call the local sheriff.

The sheriffs office came out and one of the officers came up and said that they were going to check the property. As they were walking they found a few more holes in the ground that seemed to have been made from the rain. Once the sheriffs office starting poking in the ground they discovered the bodies of some of the people who were missing from the rehabilitation home. They located one of the staff by finding her badge still on the corpse and two more of the patients.

The sheriff was shocked as he pulled the files of the massacre and they went over the entire property and the gound was not disturbed.  He was truly at a loss. Everyone stayed near the house and when dinner was served everyone just seemed to snack instead of really eat. That night families could be found all over the house settling in no wanting to be alone on the property. Famiies could all be found huddled and the men seemed to have made a silent pack to keep watch as everyone slept in shifts. You could hear th sounds of muffled talking all night and the smell of coffee to keep everyone awake.

The next morning the fog seemed to have lifted and the sun was shining. Grandfather asked everyone to please keep near the main house for the time being and all the kids needed to stay within site of the adults. He was in his office most of the morning trying to get the show a few more engagements so we could leave faster, I also rememeber hearing him on the phone with the construction crew telling him to have them work faster even if it meant it costing more by bringing in extra people.  For the first time in my life I could tell my Grandfather was scared.

After the ground had given way to the bodies of some of the people who had died here people were much more subdued. The men had all started patrolling the grounds in shifts day or night just in case. things were realitively calm until our fourth of July celebration. Everyone had seemed to be on edge but Grandfathr had decided that since we were in the home stretch that we could have some fun.  Forth of July morning we all we up and preparing for a grand BBQ and Firework disply.  The men were down by the lake preparing a plateform that could be launched into the water so it would be safe for everyone involved. Grandfather had fresh hay bales bought in so we would have comfy seats during the show and BBQ and then we would reuse them later for the animals that required hay. MOm went around and covered each of the bales with fourth of july themed blankets to make the area even more festive, Everyone was in an amazing mood.

Henry had tasked himself with making sure everyone was happy and having fun! He even pulled out the icecream maker we had for the snack shack and started making the kids home made treats. Everyone was in a happy mood. The only speck of worry was Mrs Penny the lead animal keepers wife. She was due any moment with her first baby and she was hoping the baby would be born somewhere other than the farm.  But as these things happen no one can decide when or where a baby is born. Mama and Madam Kareen and Mrs Shelly were all keeping an eye on Mrs Penny.  Right after we put all the food out so everyone could start eating I saw Mama and mrs Shelly walk over to Mrs Penny who seemed to be in tears. Her husband rushed over and he ran and grabbed a bag out of their trailor and Mama ran to the car we had. After Mrs Penny loaded in her and her husband left the grounds.

Grandfather was next to me and said, "Well, looks like our family is going to grow by one today!"

We all gathered around before we were to eat dinner and Grandfather had Henry offer the blessing, Henry was so sweet and thanked the lord for the new baby coming and our family all being together. Then he ended his prayer in true henry style by saying "Good lord if its okay with you we have some hungry tykes and would like to eat!"  Everyone chuckled and we all headed to the tables to start eating. Mama took some of the take out containers we have for the food shack and packed up a few meals for Mrs Penny and her husband as well as for some of our crew who had taken some extra work. One of the circus hands Frank and his wife Maple came over to Mama and said they would take the food up to Mrs Penny and her husband. Mama gave him the food and told them thank you. Mama then continued to make few more meals so there would be food for anyone who was not here incase the food ran out!

As the sun began to set the guys being led by Henry started to prepare for the fireworks. They paddled out to the barge and when they were settled and ready henry  used his walkie to tell Grandfather they were ready. Everyone settled on the benches and the show began.  the guys were doing so well and everyone was ohhing and ahhnig for the amazing show happening before us. Then it happened we heard a yell from the float and Henry came over the walkie. Why is there kids and a lady swimming in the water.  Grandfather and Marty ran to the waters edge looking to see people and all Grandfather could say is there is no one here Henry. We could see Henry on the barge and he was staring at the water near the tree. He turned to the guys and told them off the barge now. They all got into the row boat and started paddling away as a huge flame shot out of the middle of thebox of fireworks and everything went crazy. Everyone started running and hiding behind the hay bales. Fireworks were shooting everywhere. I saw Mama run to the house and I chased her she grabbed the phone and dialed the sheriffs office stating that we had a emergency. She grabbed the three big first aid kits we have and ran out the door. We heard the animals in thier cages spooked and saw the very benches we had sat on on fire. Mama was yelling to bring the injured to the house we have help on its way. Then we saw the boat dock and Henry slumped over and the guys trying to get him out and to safty.

The fire department pulled up and started putting out the fire with the hay bales. The ambulance workers did all they could to stabalize poor henry.  He had a huge gash from his stomach up to his rib like he had been cut with a sharp object.  I heard Henry tell Grandpa, "Call Shawn Meginnis he might allow a few shows before the big one in August. Lets get these people out of here."

Later that night Grandfather was in his office and Mama and Marty were talking to him. I over heard what had happened. Henry had looked by the tree and saw three children and a woman splashing in the water next to the oak tree.  When he called to Grandpa he said the lady and kids had black eyes and felt a chill go up his spines. He heard a hissing sound and made everyone get off the barge. He is glad he did after the fireworks started going crazy. He had blocked two a the younger guys and then a it looked like a firework came at them and he said it looked like a axe blade. He lifed the paddle last miute and thats what saved him.

I looked through the crack in the door and I i saw mom lean over and get very stern as she said to my grandfather, "We have children as young as new borns on this property. Find the witch camp and get them here to do something. I am not risking anymore lives. We start looking for a place to do a few shows up and we start getting everyone out. As Penny is still in the hospitl for a few more days we get all their stuff at the new location. We have them start moving to finish at least their apartment to get them in there. Is that clear they do not come back here with the baby."

My grandfather looked at her and said, "I will get them moving on the apartment as a priority and I will aslo make some calls first thing in the morning."

Clara took a sip of her tea, "My dear you seem a bit shocked about what I am telling you."

I smiled, "No mam after everything I have been learning the last few months nothing really suprises me anymore. So did your Grandfather find more shows to get everyone and everything off of rhe property?"

Clara Smiled, "Yes, he did three days later we had a caravan loaded up to leave. The first part was everything going up to the new estate. the second part was the group heading to St Augustine for a two week show. When we left the property on July 7th we never went back. It was odd though when we went to leave we are always the last car. I turned around and looked back at the house and in the top window stood a woman and three young children.  As our car left the property i looked towards tge barn and there stood a man with an axe."

"You saw him?"

"I think I might have. Here is something that a lot of people do not know. Public record states that the house sits empty till 1977. Thats not entirely true. My Grandfather met with the witch group that was based in northern Citrus around the Gulf of mexico.  They had a group of witches come stay on the property doing banishing spells and protection spells to trying to get rid of that monster. They lived on this property until 1978."

The Farm Part 4

After speaking with Marshal I decided to give Mason a call and let him know what I had learned. Then I dropped the bombshell that my dad's spirit was still stuck on the property. I honestly thought we had lost connection for a second. That was until Mason finally spoke up.

"Amelia you know you can't go there even to see if your dads ghost is there its to dangerous?"

"I know Mason but all these years if he is still there..."

"Hey Amelia have you ever went to check out your Grandprents farm?"

"No not yet I kinda want to wait. I mean I have known everyone there all these years but it will brings it to close to home a bit, I think i need time before this." I decided to change the subject. "So Mason I found out who the next family was that lived there."

"Really," Mason said, "Please share."

"A circus group!"

"Oh come on Amelia you have got to be kidding me!"  Mason started, "Right?"

"Sorry Mason your going to have to get over your fear of clowns because this Circus group stayed there on and off for close to twenty five years." Then I added, "I made a appointment to meet with Clara the owners Granddaughter down in Tampa on Saturday."

"Oh sorry Amelia I have to work at the shop with Grams most of the day. I can meet up with you later on after you talk with her."

"You better believe it." I said, "So what are your plans for tonight?"

"I was going to meet up with this incredibly crazy girlfriend of mine. I was thinking we can meet up at the diner by my Grams place."

"Sure," I started, "But be a good guy and invite your Grandma to dinner I would love to see her reaction to what I learned about."

I met up with Connie and Mason at the diner near their place. When I sat down Connie looked very excited to hear about what I had found out.

I told her about the hospital and Connie was in shock because Elly and Fred lived in Brooksville and the hospital kept the Massacre very quiet. I also told her how there were still people missing from the massacre.  I also told her how the people who lived across the street as well as a officer still believe that there was a mortocycle crash at the farm at night.

She even warned me to be careful and stay away from the farm even if I want to see if I could contact my dad.

I decided to change the subject and tell her I was going to the Circus tomroow. I explained that the next people in the long list of owners that used the property were old circus owners and I was going to go meet with the granddaughter at the Circus estate down in Tampa.

Connie laughed and said thank goodness Mason wasn't going as he had a huge fear of anything Circus related.

We ate our food and just spent time and as I left to head home I thought about what I had learned.

As I pulled onto my road and got to my house my blood ran cold as there was a ambulance and a bunch of police cars at my home. I got my car as close as I could and started running toward the house. A officer grabbed onto me and stopped me as I yelled "Thats my house."

I heard my mom scream my name and the officer let me go.  I met my mom in the front yard.

"Mom what happened?" I asked, "Where is dad?"

My mom held onto me and I looked up to see my dad being bought out on a stretcher. His eyes were closed and she started pulling me to my car.  She put me in the passanger seat and she got in to start driving behind the ambulance. As we started following the ambulance she started talking.

"Your dad got to the house first tonight. He interupted a burglary the guy started beating up your dad. Tom and Max next store heard your dad yell and rushed in to see what was wrong. The guy took off and the police found him after they arrived at the house.  Your dad was beat up pretty rough but he should be okay. I am just glad you decided to go out with Mason tonight."

We got to the emergency room and parked.  The doctor decided he wanted my dad to stay the night for observation. When we got home our neighbors Tom and Max were at our house cleaning up the mess the burglar had made.

The Farm (Part 3) 2453 Words

After breakfast with my parents, I called Marcus and met him at Connie's shop and sat on the deck lost in my own world until he came outside and sat beside me.  He took my hand and asked, "So should I ask how things went with your parents today?"

I closed my eyes as the breeze went over my face and when I opened them I said, "They told me everything. Jerimiah was my great great grandfather. My dad died on the road near the farm and my mom died in the hospital hours after having me. My Grandparents told my mom and dad the history of our family before they were killed on their own farm. Oh and btw I own a farm."

Marcus laughed at that and stood up and pulled me to stand up, "Come on."

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"We need to escape from here for a while so come on." He led me over to his truck and opened the door.  We started to drive south and I just stared out the window lost in my own thoughts.  I didn't think this news would have affected me so much. I mean I knew I was adopted from a very young age and my mom always told me that my real parents loved me so much that when they passed away they made sure I went to people who loved me. My parents didn't have to start their marriage with a child already in the mix but they did. They took me from day one and my mom was there the day I was born and I will always be grateful I have a connection to my real family. But still, my families dark history bothers me more now. Was Hamish right was evil made and not born. Or was the curse on my family line so strong that all the people we love going to suffer because Jackson saved Rebecca and Charlotte.

We drove for a very long time and at some point, I guess the stress of everything that had happened to me exhausted me and I dozed off.  I woke up to Marcus nudging my arm from the open truck window. "Hey, sleeping beauty come on and enjoy life."

I opened my eyes to Marcus's warm brown eyes being covered by his hair, "I can't believe I fell asleep!"

"I can," He said, "Since you started this insane project you have been running on coffee and fumes of exhaustion. Amelia, you have been chasing the dead why don't you enjoy life a bit."

I looked behind him and there it was one of my favorite places, Sunken Gardens.  I looked at Marcus and he had a lopsided grin, "Well I know you love this place so I figured we should have an enjoyable day and then some awesome food."

For the next few hours, we just kept walking around Sunken gardens and enjoying the peace and quiet taking pictures and being teens. When we got to the wishing well in the center of the gardens Marcus pulled me into a hug and said, "You being Jeremiah's descendant means nothing. My grandmother has an insane theory that you and I are the reincarnations of Jackson and Rebecca meant to find each other all these years later. If that's the case I will protect you just like Jackson protected Rebecca all those years ago. Amelia, you are safe so please don't worry I will not let anything happen to you."

As the sun was setting in the middle of the garden I looked up at Marcus and tipped toed and kissed him.  For the first time since I started all this insanity, I felt like things are actually going to be okay. I took a coin out of my pocket and flipped it into the wishing well hoping that when I go to the farm to finish my project nothing bad will happen.


The next morning I was back at the public library in brooksville looking up records of who owned the house next.  Thats when I made a startling discovery. After Mantis and Lily went back to living at the college the farm went back on the market. It shows that an investment firm purchased the property in 1957 and that the firm spent the next three years restoring the barn, home and adding a small office building next to the barn. In fall of 1960 the property opened as a home to heal in after surgeries and procedures since the property was right down the road from Brookville Regional hospital.

The article shows the newly restored home with wheel chair ramps covered chairs on the property and well as he barn turned into a recreation center with pathways all over the property.  it shows the docks with relaxation chairs as well as gardens for both flowers and food.  It looked like the building had the start of something good. The next article starts to paint a very different picture. One former patient who was recovering from surgery at the home states that there were times that no one wanted to be left lone because a feeling of dread would come over you.  The patient stated she would stay outside on the covered chairs with a few other patients and a nurse as long as they could. If they had to go inside they tried to stay in the kitchen area chatting over tea because the feeling was less scary. She was thankful when she was finally able to go home to her family.

Another patient who was there for a long term recovery when he shattered his leg said in the mens shared rooms you could have sworn there was children in the building running around at night.  He questioned it multiple times but was told while he was there the youngest patient in the building was seventeen and there was no way that that patient was doing it because she was there due to a car accident and she could barely walk.  There was some times where he said the preacher would come in and say a prayer over people as they slept and would disappear very fast after he did the prayers.  the article also states there was no chaplin or pastor employed by the center.

the article continues with a ex employee stating that as a overnight nurse she had seen her share of weird things. one thing that bothered her the most was the lady that was always by the dock. She thought it was someone who who lived nearby and wanted to swim in the lake. However the nurse stated that they were told under no circumstances were any of the patients or staff swim in that lake.

The article talked about more instances of creepy instances that the staff and former patients had happen.

The following article was titled,."Devastation At The Rehabilitation House." The article starts with the line minutes after the alarm goes off at Brooksville regionals rehabilitation house fifteen dead 10 missing and five fighting for their life three in shock.  The article states that around 2am January 13th 1965 the emergency alarm rings and fifteen minutes later when the police and emergency offcials arrive to scene of death and destruction.  Police reports state that surviving nurse nancy obrian stated a deranged man ran into the kitchen of the rehabilitation house weilding a axe and screaming this is my home get out and starts swinging at people.  Two orderlies seeing what was happening tried to restrain the man but was killed immediatlystaff tried securing rooms of patients who could not flee.  Those who could run tried escaping out of windows and doors.  Nancy had run upstairs to help 19 year old nelly shield as she was still unable to walk. Nancy stated that her and another nurse brenda wagner had ran into nellys room and barricaded the door with a dressor and hid in the closet.  They heard screams coming from all over the house and banging on Nellys door. When everything went quiet brenda snuck out of the closet and flagged the police in front of the center from the window. Officer Marshal Mcgown was the one to rush upstairs and carry Nelly out into a awaiting ambulance.  Nancy and Brenda started helping the officers identify bodies and they were the ones who discovered there were 10 people missing, Three staff and seven patients.  out of the five people who were in critical condition only one survived. The survivor Marcus Miller stated that evil resides in that center and it should be burned to the ground.

The following and last article on the hospital center stated 8 people still missing. After the bodies of two of the hospital patients were found at a nearby mine entrance 1/4 mile from the tragic massacre police are asking for local residents to be more vigilant and watch for the missing people. Officer Mcgown stated he holds hope that the people missing are still alive and that he is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

I sat there looking at the article when when Henry one of teh library volunters looked at what I was reading. He pulled up a chair next to me and said, "You know Mcgown is still around at the local nursing home by the court house."

"Henry do you remember when this hppened?"

"you bet i do! my dad was a officer and he got called to the scene. He said he always thought that those missing people were gone because of the legend that is attached to that property. He thought ole jerimiah was the one who killed all those people on the property. DO you know about that legend?"

"Yes sir I am doing a project on that farm for my senior project."

"Well girlie do yourself a favor and please be careful. If your doing a project you might want to go talk to officer Mcgown." He said standing up, "Visitos hours go till 7 tonight."

I took the hint from henry and head over to the nursing home and request to see officer Mcgown. The nurse heads to his room and gets permission for me to go meet him. When I walked i the door Officer Mcgown lets out a whistke and says, "Well I am going to say its safe to assume your rebeccas and jacksons grandchild."

"Well not that I want to brag about that but I just discovered that I was." I stated.

"Well child I will keep it our secret. After the Rehabilitation massacre I did research on the property and the mystery surrounding rebecca. Would you do a old man a favor can you tell me what happened to her?"

"She had her child and two weeks later she disappeared leaving caroline with her parents. The neighbor to Jerimiahs farm found her body one day while going after a cow that had wandered off. She was found on the property line on the side of the grave yard. Her body was buried at the far corner of the grave yard and only her parents were informed however they stated bury her near her husband. UNfortunatly the grave was the closeest to were jackson was as everyone thought she would not come back here."

"Well child thank you for clearing that up for me. Now what can I help you with?"

"Well Officer Mcgown---"


"Well Marshal it was suggested by Henry at the library that I come speak with you as I am doing my senior project on the history of the farm property and what happened there.  Did you ever have any idea or inclination of what happened to those missing people?"

"To be honest child I think Jerimiah took them to torture and kill. I held out hope after they found the bodies near the mine. I had hoped that they had escaped and the others could as well. But as the time went on I don't know."

"Marshal since the incident at the farm have you ever been out there again?"

"The important question huh? Well i would be lying if I said no. The people who own the farm  across the street from it had called a few times for lights on in from of the farm house and barn. We would have to go check it out and we always went in teams of four after the massacre. The weirdest instance that I can tell you about was we got the call and we get to the farm and pull our cars right up to the gate and start walking up towards the house.  We first go check out the barn and there is no one in there and its empty.  We head up to the farm house and as we go inside we could have sworn we head childrn running around upstairs. We went up and there was no one around. As we were leaving we walked by the dock and headed towards the gate so we had circle the property and we could hve sworn that a woman was standing behind the tree."

"That would have been Mary she hung herself in that tree in 1956. Your not the first person who had seen her, Her husband Mantis says he thought that she was still on the property. He feels anyone who lives on the property and dies here does not leave.:

Marshal and I talked about a few more calls he did but one thing stood out more than anything.

"I was working the desk in 1985 right before I had retired. The owners of the property claimed that they had heard a motorcycle crash onto the property and even saw the light of the motorcycle as it crashed on the property. They called it in and ran across the street to help whoever the victim was. They got there to see a guy stand up take his helmet off and as he turned around he disappeared."

"As long as I have been alive there has only been one accident there that was a motorcycle--"

"That was my dad in 1978. But they said dad died at the hospital why would he be stuck on that property?"

"I don't know sweets. I  wish I could give you answers for that one. After the incident with the rehabilitation center the building stayed under the hospital till 1971."

We chatted for a bit longer and then it was my time to leave. I promised Marshal that if I come across any new information I would come back and see him and fill him in!